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  As peoples living standards continue to improve as well as environmental pollution, water purifier as the guardian of family health healthy drinking water. The current low level of domestic water purifier market, technical schools, firms was mixed, good and bad products do not give up. But gradually mature, in order to strengthen itself in the chaos of the market, companies must have a superior ability to grasp the opportunity and anticipation force. In the fierce competition, the brand of water purifiers continuous innovation, develop new technologies, create new varieties. 0

   Technology is the driving force

   Zhongshan City Water Equipment Co. Po Wright in 1998 to get involved in the water industry, incorporated in 2003, is a research and development, production and sales in one of the industrial areas and production concentration camp.

   After years of development, the company now has the worlds leading water purification filter technology and R & D capacity, as in the Chinese water industry most solid technical strength, largest, most competitive enterprises.

   Technological innovation is a big advantage of Wright. 04 successfully developed the first generation of separation membrane filter housing, and the national patents. 2007 and drinking fountains brand "Angel" reached OEM cooperation. In the same year it held its second general meeting of shareholders, setting the second decade goals, research and development project started in the second generation of water purification filter. The introduction of the China Aerospace Research and Training Center jointly developed the latest generation of space technology, military quality filtering technology, aerospace core filtering technology to effectively filter heavy metals, harmful substances in water, retain beneficial minerals, efficient removal of contaminants from water.

   quality is the sign

   After the water industry in product introduction phase, hot water purifier market of 2012 voices. How Hanhao sound of a noisy, and achieved win-win situation, is undoubtedly the focus of businesses, manufacturers and consumers of common concern. Currently on the market in the sale of low-end water purifier less than a hundred species, but the classification is very scattered, lack of standards, manufacturers mixed, mixed products, so choose the high quality and good reputation of the water purifier brand party insurance.

   excellent quality is Wrights another big advantage. Wright is Chinas manned space water purification equipment only designated brand new office building completed in 2008, the products enter the international market and become the Amsterdam Water Association special units. 2009 NSF certification by the American Water Works Association. 10 years and was the Ministry of Health water health permits this document, the same year in April, passed ISO9001: 2008International quality management system certification, the internationally renowned brand thermostat collaboration Strip Marx strategic partners, other Group of Gree Group, Galanz Group and other qualified suppliers.

   after-sales lag is one of the main bottlenecks currently affecting our home water purifier market is rapidly developing. Chinese Center for Disease Control Environmental Health and Related Product Safety, quality and safety monitoring director E Miller said the general home appliances, just before the failure occurred related to the after-sales service. The home water purification products is different, it is directly related to consumer drinking water, its after-sales service is very important.

   Wright adhering to the "so that every people a safe and healthy water to drink," the business mission, through intelligent CRM customer service system, each users information management, according to local water quality characteristics every 4-6 months automatically remind users of product maintenance and filter replacement, every moment to ensure that users are safe and healthy to drink water.

   As my countrys household water purification industry-related technology continues to mature, restricting water purifier market development bottleneck is gradually being broken, and improve after-sales service become the driving force for the rapid development of the water purifier market.

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