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   Water is the source of life, the lifeblood of agriculture, industry, blood, water purification equipment to give you a healthy water of life. One week anhydrous, others false; dry year, the country loss; anhydrous hundred years, how will? Water gave birth to the creatures of the world, it pushes us sailing in the river of life, and life is going to make it, and therefore become our most valuable water resources.

   What is water purification equipment? Water purification equipment, in short, production of water purification equipment. Water purification equipment to use reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis is at room temperature, no phase change physical method will contain salt water desalination, demineralization. The water purification has been widely used us: life drinking, chemical, medical, breeding, cultivation, food and beverage.

   Water is the source of life, no water, no garden is like a flower. Like no forest trees. Pretreatment system of water purification equipment: As relying on clean water production is very important. Therefore, to produce clean water must be to choose the raw water quality better place. The spring, like deep. Here involves a very important index is "Conductivity." Generally conductivity, lower. The more pure water. Reverse osmosis systems are used in water treatment processes. After the treated water is generally 90% --99 percent rejection rate. Here are some of the components of the system.

   the raw water pump raw water tank --- ---- quartz sand activated carbon filter filters --- --- softening system (dosing system)

   The reverse osmosis system of water purification equipment : is the core component of the entire water purification system, only up to standard water purification by reverse osmosis before. Reverse osmosis membrane filtration process system is mainly used. Then water molecules through a reverse osmosis membrane. Drain off with others such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and other ions with the waste water. Precision filter filters out primarily the larger particles of water molecules. Special high-pressure pump, provide a strong impetus for the reverse osmosis equipment. A reverse osmosis membrane, the reverse osmosis membrane is used in membrane filtration technology. Let water molecules through a number of other ions can not achieve the purpose of purifying water. Auxiliary systems, such as some other auxiliary systems, ozone sterilization system, light inspection, filling system. Can also be sterilized with ultraviolet light, UV does not have residues, there are many foreign like to use ultraviolet light.

   Select matters

   of water purification equipment: to know in advance the best source of water, the water quality of your local sales organization in order to ensure targeted to recommend the product, we recommend that you purchase water purification products that you know in advanceWater supply, water quality in places.

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