Thirteen Five trends in water purificatioindustry plans to s

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   With the implementation of the national Thirteen Five Plan, my countrys water purification industry in 2016, increasing market opportunities, market competition will become more intense. Water purifier manufacturers to face the industry, cross-industry brands as well as imported brands of triple competitive environment, it also allows industry also Duoliaoyifen confused and helpless.

   saying, blacksmith need its own hardware. By the "China Daily" organized the annual festival on the economic environment named "2016 annual China top ten brand drinking water," general manager Lu Quan water purifier Liujun Yao said with deep feeling: water purifier is a new high-tech products, the use of low cost, the current system is to drink and many other advantages, along with social progress, improve consumer awareness will become the market mainstream. He said that 2016 is the first year of the national Thirteen Five Year Plan, the key to development is the water purification industry for one year. Face great opportunities and competitive environment, water purifier manufacturers should take action and hard skills, get down to do the basic work, a breakthrough in all aspects of product, price, brand, talent, channel marketing to enhance the comprehensive ability, play the symphony, and ultimately win market recognition.

   a trend, continuing to launch innovative products that have differentiated

   product is the basis of competition. Mentioned products, many companies believe that the water purifier is not high tech, it is that way. While the product seems simple, but simple products should be made simple, this is the level to win the market. 2016, Lu Quan water purifier will launch the industrys first "Internet of Things" smart water purification products, intelligent operation and management through intelligent machine equipped with a smart chip in the design and functional aspects of the system has new breakthrough, We are highly concerned about the industry.

   Trends, and the right price difference

   No matter what products are more price-sensitive consumers. To consider pricing based on market terms, product performance, the development of cost-effective, suitable for different levels of consumer prices. Otherwise blind pricing for agents and consumers irresponsible. Although the price war can make the product quickly to seize market share, but at the expense of profits of the enterprise price war into a hopeless abyss. Therefore, some companies said, they will not take the lead on price, but to have the ability to price competition.

   Three trends, consolidate existing channels, to develop new canalRoad

   have to channel the world, it is the consensus of the water purification industry. For a long time, water purifier manufacturers are in the original water heaters, solar energy, air conditioners, home appliances, home dealers established channels. In order to quickly improve the terminal distribution rate, many water purifier manufacturers ongoing investment, is to reduce the investment threshold, leading to operating level varies greatly, some business support is not enough, poor product circulation, so that franchisees "mortality" There a certain proportion, the channel also appeared tired phenomenon. In todays highly competitive, it will inevitably result in the loss of dealers. Therefore, by consolidating existing channels, develop new channels to form their own core competitiveness, water purifier manufacturers must be considered.

   Trend four, innovative marketing tools

   mentioned here is not marketing sales, a lot of air to the water heater business of marketing and sales confused. In fact, marketing is about businesses discover, create and deliver value to meet the needs of certain target markets, while acquiring discipline profits. It is a systematic project, throughout the entire business process, including production, design, distribution channels, sales, service and other sectors. So, faced with the traditional drinking water purifier market squeeze and knowledge terminal awareness is not high, water purifier manufacturers should be considered from a marketing point of view, deep resources to get the core competitiveness.

   Otherwise, it is difficult to escape the low level of competition in the quagmire.

   Trend five great efforts to train professionals in terms of air to water heater

   At present, many water purifier manufacturers also employ extensive human resource management, staff turnover is too high, resulting in excessive labor costs high, affecting the development of enterprises. Some enterprises tap talent from other industries to meet their own needs, but these "airborne" in respect of professional is not strong enough to play a difficult role. Water purification industry has its own characteristics, enterprises only through standardized management, the establishment of modern enterprise system, the development of talent to create a favorable platform; at the same time to establish a good salary, training, promotion plan, the formation of a good human resource management system and cultivate technology, production, marketing and other personnel with professional standards of the industry. It is understood, net of the spring water purifier into the lead in the industry in 2016 after the establishment of the "net of the spring Business School", its purpose is to develop specialized marketing, technical talents and enhancing agent franchisees marketing strength.

   Trend six, branding seize the high ground of the market

   Some experts said that business is the product of a subdivision to make money, the brand is one dollar one-dimensionally earn. Brand is a systematic, sustained engineering, we need the integration of resources. Domestic water purification industry after nearly two decades of development, build brand conditions are ripe, but until now no real a strong brand. Only advance the development of brand strategy and brand development planning, making a good brand and marketing program to promote the steps, and long-term branding program, eventually will realize the dream of the companys brand, reputation and market in order to obtain higher profit margins.

   trend Seven, appropriate development strategy

   If there is no corporate strategy or the strategy is not clear enough, then the companys business operations will not have a clear direction, it is difficult to form to meet the market demand, gain a competitive advantages, specific strategies to achieve the companys goals. Quan Lu, net of the spring, Patio, Angel, Wing sinks and other companies founded in the beginning in order to determine the main console, business machines both the development strategy. Facts have proved that their choice is right, these companies in the market have made the absolute competitive advantage. Other water purifier manufacturers should be located according to their changing environment, its resources and strength to choose are differentiated business areas and products, form their own core competitiveness, so as to find success for their own development Road.

   trend VIII, solidarity and common development

   Although the water purification industry after more than two years of development formed a certain scale, but compared to other home appliance industry is still quite weak. Therefore, all water purifier manufacturers have to unite and join forces: on the one hand to increase the co-cultivation of market development, improve consumer use of low cost, ease of use, safety and other characteristics of the water purifier awareness and to guide the Consumer attitudes. On the other hand we should jointly take measures to fight the countrys preferential policies to support and promote the consumers use water purifier products. In addition to that, all the industry players but also to strengthen self-discipline, put an end to the industrys cottage, fake, cheap and so unfair, vicious competition.

   In general, the water purification industry will increase as time goes backward, toward the more mature direction.

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