Water purifier housing plastic and stainless eel have a clue

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   That day the Internet to see there asks: water purifier is a good plastic housing or stainless steel housing is good, this is really small series without too much attention too. But as a consumer, to see different materials mall water filter housing, the hearts will surely be suspicious, below, small series to give you one by one analysis.

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   1. plastic type material

   purifier housing market now mostly used plastic materials, which result in many different mass of water purifiers. Some water purifier uses ordinary plastic shell made it easy to aging and toxic, often one-time consumption, that is, when the filter is broken inside, but also outside the shell broken, of course, now most of the water purifier ABS plastic shell is plastic, relatively speaking, are more durable, longer service life.

   2. The glass material

   relative to the use of such materials is relatively small, such a material generally used are distinguished type water purifier, extremely durable and will not rust more does not age, this water purifier replacement filter through, so that longer life becomes. Of course, prevented from being too heavy Jihuai housing.

   3. Stainless steel

   Such water purifier material of the housing are slowly increasing, most manufacturers claim that the external 304 stainless steel is used, in fact, found through investigation that substantially sus201 are used on the stainless steel, this material is relatively easy to rust, so that the water is again contaminated purification standards such reach. And a housing made of 304 stainless steel, will not easily rust and fight strong. So consumers can simply replace the filter regularly, long service life, more affordable.

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