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   in the Internet information age, many companies marketing the rapid, accurate and efficient network precision marketing model came into being. After continuous development and improvement, network precision marketing is leading the modern enterprise to new marketing channels, but that does not mean the traditional marketing model will be eliminated immediately. In contrast, water purification industry, traditional marketing methods still occupy half of the sky of the market. But success is their own, take the initiative to get more channels, to win greater market. Small series to provide several marketing, help you do more with less success.





   district Promotions

   In the process of implementing proactive marketing, we should carry out their duties, give full play to the role of the team to combination of the team to maximize the marketing value, there was a brand in carrying out promotional activities, the Union requires that each brand must select the best telemarketing sales staff as a telephone sales professionals, and require members of each brand alliance must to come up with the most valuable potential customers by telemarketing sales team found that some brands in order to take into account store sales, no sales staff assigned to the selected electricity sales team, and for each potential customer sent the list of brands, Since each brand has its own calculations and found that is not the most effective list of potential customers, the final results of its sales alliance can be imagined, as well as agents in the implementation of active marketing, since the performance appraisal system not systematic, resulting in dry much not take much more, at the same time, effective customer lists to promote community activities, due to the strong support of the store did not get the sales staff, resulting in the failure of final sales, such cases abound.

   stores drainage

   is now actively marketing A water purifier sales agents are more used, we must study and use of the system, in order to get the best sales results for the active marketing, not blindly exaggerate its role, a lot of proactive marketing approach, there must be some cooperation and brand stores, so as to achieve effective results, otherwise, even if more effective program execution and also not implemented only futile.

   super settled

   actively marketing requires good use of marketing tools, the use of new mobile technology, the shop, products,With the program moved to the mobile terminal, at the customer site will be able to display products, with the effect, enhance the customer shopping experience feelings, to extend the customer residence time in your body, allowing customers to participate in active participation, improve a sense of user involvement, so to improve the turnover rate .

   In addition, another paper media by means of electrically media, advertising networks, networks of traditional marketing and precision marketing bonded to each other. To cultivate a professional marketing team, water companies and dealers actively cultivate professional marketing team, the development of core agency personnel, to expand the market, maintaining customer has played the role of benchmarking.

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