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   I believe that many users will be such a problem with your water purifier: filter out of the water after a water purifier installed there as white as oily foam, water purifiers not only worried about the effect will not harm health? but that is not the case, the investigation has learned from the experiment after a water purifier installed white bubble is normal in such a situation in laymans consumers will be very worried. Next Xiaobian explain the root causes of this situation for you.



   One reason

   In order to ensure that the water was filtered through the membrane capacity, the surface of the filter membrane must show hydrophilic properties, but in general the film matrix are hydrophobic, hydrophilic and therefore require to be modified modifier. General hydrophilic agent has certain amphiphilic properties, and amphiphilic properties conducive victorious and stable foam. Popular that your filtrate persist even measure trace hydrophilic agent, and medical grade and food grade hydrophilic agent on the human body without regard to basic, so do not worry.

   for two reasons

   When the pressurized water through the remote transport water pipe network water, under pressure, the gas existing in the pipe network as well as the atmosphere gas is increased in solubility in water, It was dissolved in a large amount of water; and water entering the water pump through the device must also be pressurized to increase power, along with the water pressurizing pump, the water of dissolved gas and increases the pressure of the gas molecules becomes more small, further increase the solubility. Since there has been pressure within the system, the gas molecules can not be released, when this part of the flow of water out of the system, the pressure on the gas molecules suddenly disappear, so they inflate the bubble has become our naked eye can be observed, there will be large when a large number of small bubble emission, the phenomenon appears milky water body, and then gradually disappear. This is a normal phenomenon purely physical, it will not affect the drinking water.

   In fact, there is a similar phenomenon, first tap "blushing" is mainly due to the pumps and pumping process water partial repair process a certain amount of intake air, under pressure dissolved in water forming electrode fine bubbles when the water delivery pipes, water pressure and flow rate changes, resulting in a large number of fine bubbles entrained water from the tap water flowing, the surface looks like milk cloudy color, after standing a few seconds, the bubbles disappear, change water clear. This is a physical phenomenon does not affect water quality. Usually water purifier filterAfter the liquid core protection installed inside flush a few minutes to ten minutes can be normal drinking, do not worry about the water purifier is not clean, because the materials used inside the water purifier is not as harmful to the human body. Broken pure filtered water is pure physical filtration. Even if some exceptions are also due to some form of physical phenomena. It will not affect the water quality itself, so professional installation after flushing can be assured of drinking.

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