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  Water purifier will be the trend, more and more people buy a lot of experts say: tap water is to drink; but for safety or boil drinking; water, he said: tap water can drink straight; however, suggest that you boil drinking.



   water purifier will be the trend, more and more people buy a lot of experts say: you can drink tap water directly; but for safety or boil drinking; water, said: tap water can drink straight ; however I suggest that you boil drinking.




   When the water should boil drinking; then this would not be called drinking water; what is the drinking water - directly drinkable; bottled water, bottled water, water purification; drinking these will not develop any symptoms; why can drink straight drinking water, and clean it because; boil only removes volatile gases and living species of bacteria, viruses; but but not kill those heavy metals, antibiotics and other impurities; boil thirty years ago is drinkable! As before that time; everyone without a mobile phone is possible; because we do not need frequent contact; now you do not have a mobile phone, then you may be behind the times; before we go out to bring in cash, or to move an inch; now go out with a cell phone, sweep the can on it.




   Actually, it is the same; the era of development, a lot of things are changing; 30 years ago you also drink the river water, now you dare? 30 years ago, you dare to swim the river, now will you? 30 years ago you wash clothes in the river, now would you wash it? I believe the answer must be: No! ! ! Because the water has changed, dirty, do not clean!




   The effect of water purification

   1, tea: no chlorine taste, tea, more fragrant, and more pure.

   2, hot pot with water: Mo unbleached above, n soup, purer flavor.

   3, boil bean soup: 30 minutes fully flowering green beans, green water soup.

   4, cooking, steamed rice, cooking: no chlorine taste, more fragrant rice.

   5, the electric kettle: no scale, no-clean.

   6, the ophthalmic lens cleaning: mitigationScratches, cleaner.

   7, wash, bath: delicate skin whitening, no greasy feeling.

   8, laundry, towels: no yellow, harden;

   10, to extend the service life of electrical: water heaters, washing machines and the like.




   want to effectively remove antibiotics and other impurities in the water, it is recommended to install a water purifier, antibiotics and other garbage so that the water away from our lives! !




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