Purchase of household water purifiers need to have somtips

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blink of an eye the arrival of summer, down summer work they have to do a good job, buy a gift to your family. According to a survey of gift market of display: With the serious air pollution, the impact of the worsening water pollution, air purifiers, water purifiers, represented by health appliances favored. As my countrys water purifier market is in the development of the outbreak, the market brand is too complicated, too messy, too, with no professional knowledge, as a gift to buy a water purifier really very difficult. Xiao Bian to share with you some tips.

   First, what kind of applications requiring

   After the distinction between the concepts and drinking water, then you think about their own needs, the amount of water is the first, the second is the quality requirements. Which is the amount of water per hour or per day out of water, but the water quality can be understood to be substantially or drinking water needs.

   Next, probably look filter

   Currently on the market there are commonly used active carbon filter, ultrafiltration membrane, the RO membrane, KDF, ion exchange resins, with these elements are basically various combined, after understanding its performance, select models and routine maintenance of the latter will be more careful, more convenient.

   Again, be sure to look for Health this document

   water purifier Health this document stands for "related to drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document" issued by the Ministry of Health; the National Health approval documents can be Ministry official online query, no documents relating to goods do not buy, because there is no health documents relating to the product itself has quality problems may exist, but do not expect this product to ensure the safety of the drinking water.

   Also consider the mounting position of the product, the water purifier usually installed with two positions, one under cabinet, the other is on a wall, the filtered water into drinking water; there are many water purification in the mounted position is not a position, such as a central water purifier, central water softener, whole house water purifiers.

   If you buy at such a hot summer, when water purifier as a gift; family will be happy.

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