On the blue water purifier net production of minal elements

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   mineral elements in water is extremely important, no matter how rich diet, the body needs to absorb mineral elements that are part of the drinking water. If long-term consumption of drinking water does not contain mineral elements, it will bring a variety of health risks.

   Another water helps reduce heart disease and stroke mineral substance is calcium. In the fight against cardiovascular disease, calcium and magnesium in drinking water has the same effect. But in contrast to magnesium, calcium effect is direct. Calcium is also constitutes the main element of the human skeleton. Calcium in drinking water for osteoporosis prevention and treatment also has a major effect.

   Water has a direct impact on the health of the other element is silicon deposits. Silicon in drinking water has a cardiovascular disease, and to delay aging effect. Silicon is an element associated with longevity. A silicon content below the vessel wall in the elderly young. Selection of drinking water, drinking water should select those rich in silicic acid so that the silicon element to maintain adequate body.

   Food and lack of fluoride in drinking water may cause tooth decay. Composition and metabolism of fluoride on teeth and bones, are the main results. The main constituent is fluorine teeth. When the elderly lack of fluoride, calcium and phosphorus use is affected, it can cause osteoporosis, therefore, fluorine have a certain effect on preventing osteoporosis. Studies have shown that fluoride in drinking water resident in the upper region, less osteoporosis.

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