(Ancient) in Yongjia County of Wenzhou City, the Ming Dynas

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  Purifying tank is located in Xikou township Lee Creek Village Courtyard southeast corner. Walls are made of the entire pool chunk Leiqi pebbles, vertical 4.86 m, width 4.44 m, a total area of 鈥嬧€?1.6 m2. Pool divided into



   purification tank is located in Xikou township Lee Creek Village Courtyard southeast corner. Walls are made of the entire pool chunk Leiqi pebbles, vertical 4.86 m, width 4.44 m, a total area of 鈥嬧€?1.6 m2. Pool divided into five small pool sizes, maximum 8 meters, the minimum is only 1.56 square meters, has a water inlet and a water outlet at the northeast edge of the pool. Each different pool depths, the deepest depth of 0.75 m 5 pool, pool 2 shallowest depth 0.58 m, an average depth of 0.6 m. There are two bottom paving material No. 1, No. 5 gold pool plaster BEDDING, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 is BEDDING pool with brick. No. 4 tank bottom laying stress, initial concave circular portion chunks of brick, lined rectangles surrounding brick. No. 2 is more complex cell structure, the pool has two shaped brick piers internet. There are several over the wall of the recess of some brick, should launder.


   from each pool structure and pavers see, five pools should a water purification system. Between the pool water by an overflow system is transmitted, i.e., flows from Pool 2 Pool 1, Pool 2, Pool 3 flows sequentially overflow until the cell No. 5. Inlet and outlet height of 10 cm, the height difference between each cell should be about 2-2.5 cm. No. 1 still lower half cell 20 cm when thick yellow sand was sloping bottom, clean. Or when the source water quality turbidity, this pool can be used for the precipitation. No. 2 pool from the structural point of view, may be related to water treatment and purification, presumably to precipitate small debris in the water, may also be added to the purifying agent such as alum, brick piers and might also be provided for the purpose. Pool No. 3 flat bottom, the largest area storage, water may be used for re-precipitation, while the provision of water. No. 4 pool bottom laying stress, estimated the water precipitated this pool applies to drinking. Concave surface friction over a long leaving a relatively large area is formed on top of the brick flat the wall 5, a pool, the pool water could be used for this washing, the bottom of the small drain holes may be specific to sewage.

   Village water drawn from about seven or eight hundred meters foothills, home delivery system landscape escorts, pipeline-based clayWater paved.

   from archaeological data currently published to see, there is no domestic net ancient pool discovery. Therefore, the net pool Yongjia Xikou Ming Dynasty is found in my countrys first water purification projects, a high historical and scientific value.

   in 400 years ago, in the inaccessible remote mountainous areas, villagers have been able to design and build water purification system has a preliminary water purification function, shows that our ancient working people have in building engineering and water treatment technology high technical level. But also reflects the Wenzhou ancestors have environmental awareness and health habits. The pools discovery provides important information for the study of ancient water treatment technology and construction technology is of great significance to study the history and the history of ancient Chinese science and technology building.

   The pool was discovered in April 2004, in May by the Wenzhou Municipal heritage conservation Archeology, Yongjia County Museum cleanup explore.

   whether this is an early adopter of technology "precipitation - - activated carbon filtration" process to be verified, but it has a modern water treatment technology prototype of "hydraulic engineering", even blocking traffic in the mountains four to five years ago had already appeared, indeed, we wonder.

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