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  [Analysis] Tian net kettle boiled water to drink it? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 202 Published: 2019-6-24 11:45:39 now because of the fast pace of life, we will use the kettle to boil water every day, it is more convenient, faster, always boil water to drink, to cook sometimes, in order to speed up, also with a kettle to boil water, there is the summer, we all like a kettle boiling water, boil the future, where the cold is really easy too easy for this practice was so common, but we boil healthy every day? Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision released last year reported that the sampling, 55.6% and 22.2% of the sample kettle cooking machine, juicer, soybean milk samples using a high-manganese steel manufacturing, manganese content of about 10%. Among them, the council issued the "2016 kettle risk monitoring product quality analysis report," The results show that the use of "304" in 19 batches of kettle material, the precipitation of manganese were less than 0.1 mg / l, while the use of high-manganese steel batch kettle 25, only three batches of less than 0.1 mg / l, the remaining 22 lots between -1.168 mg / l 0.1 mg / l, and in accordance with "drinking Water standards", the limit value of the amount of precipitated manganese 0.1 mg / l, it is recommended that consumers the best selection of grade 304 stainless steel kettle. Then, there are media reports that cited this sampling, high manganese steel materials small appliances if prolonged use or used to produce, in full bloom acidic foods, more high-manganese steel in the dissolution of manganese. And the higher manganese content, the higher the amount of precipitation of manganese. If the human long-term excessive intake of manganese can affect the nervous system, resulting in memory loss, lethargy, malaise, neurological disorders and other symptoms. The use of high manganese steel kettle, really can cause neurological disorders? In this regard, experts said Manganese is an essential trace elements, refer to "Dietary Reference Intakes Chinese residents" adult manganese daily tolerable upper intake of 11 mg, according to the report detected high the amount of precipitation of manganese manganese stainless steel single experiment maximum 1.168 mg / l to calculate, drink about 9.4 liters of water to boil this kettle is it possible to go beyond an adult manganese daily tolerable upper intake only prolonged overdose it may impact on the human body, to remind the public cutDo not panic. The best way to solve the drinking water problem of the family should be the installation of water purifiers. Install water purifiers can not only prevent leakage, burns and other accidents, and in the purification of water quality was also very effective. Note judgment according to local water quality, drinking water can be achieved home is secure as long as the purchase of water purifiers.

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