[Tim] net analysis of the difference between soft and hard

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  [Tim] net analysis of the difference between the soft and hard: Tim net water purification Views: 401 Published: 2018-7-21 17:25:30 What is soft water, a small amount of hard water calcium and magnesium ions in the water? 30 mg / liter softener, greater than 450 mg / liter hard water, soft water drinking susceptible cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, drinking hard water susceptible to stones, water hardness of 80 to 200 mg / l is most preferable. We put the water soluble solid material by the total amount of "TDS" indicators to measure this. TDS value of less than 60 to soft water, the TDS value is greater than 300 rigid water. Good or hard water softener? First look at the relationship between calcium and magnesium ions and human health. Calcium and magnesium ion is an essential nutrient per day, if the water has a certain hardness, through drinking water can add a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions. Long-term use of soft water person, you need to supplement through other means. In fact, the water hardness is too high and too low is not good, because of the hardness of water and some diseases are closely related. The survey found a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease in the higher areas of water hardness. The taste of water and soft and hard relationship? A relationship, the majority of mineral hardness, so people feel fresh and delicious, and the soft water seemed bland. But with hard water tea, coffee, the taste will be affected, so, when tea drinking green tea, especially when best to brew with a soft little water.

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