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   do water purifier has been for some time, with the understanding of the industry, professional deeper, truly feel the water purifier really need to buy one. Some people say you are a manufacturer, of course, would say that. I can only say one sentence: the rumors stop wise.

   I do not come to us with your data more distant official, to share with you directly to those around us those things about water, do not know what would you think?

   we do activities ran throughout the country, sawed water quality water quality testing we have done, after all, to sell products. When we see those we usually drink water electrolysis pen, showing a disgusting green colored substance, night not in the mood to eat, drink pure water directly. This feeling only our own understanding, because a lot of water purification demonstration the audience think we lie. Unfortunately, they can not see a lot of our staff after back directly to their home installed a water purifier. If they see our staff so, I will not think so. Here, I can not help but question: "Chinese people have been deceived too much of it." Now the truth when lies are heard.


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   What is the truth?

   because we are too far away from the truth, only a few people in China, most companies believe that the opportunity to be spread up water purification, they all piled into the field of water purification. But the irony is that water purifier market has not been popular.

   Why? After all, only a few people know that water quality problems ah, so few people grasp the wealth is. Therefore, many people do not believe there is a problem with our water, why also buy water purifier? Purifier market you how hot it?

   water quality in the end if there is a problem? I do not say, I quoted Tsinghua University environmental Science and Engineering Professor, Ph.D. Zhansheng said the sentence: some people think that drinking water is safe or not we can not say that will affect social stability and unity. I think that is wrong, you only have to tell the people honestly, by concealment, false report, the stability and unity is not reliable.

   brick home, then perhaps not so reliable, we let our water purifier filter speak for it. Pro, did not you dumbfounded? This is the use of city water purifier filter cartridge after the water ah. Pro, we are now the province, also lacks the money. Therefore, the will to live. Sight of the net, do not buy water purifier, weDo not change the filter, and do not have to spend so much money, they do not make so much money by manufacturers. Might live friends told me: you silly ah, boil the water, there is no harmful substances up.

   Well, Nazan not buy water purifier, you can not change the filter. Let boil water, boiling water really be able to remove harmful substances in water do? Harmful substances in water will really do away with the tea scale? Baidu what we go away will actually with tea scale is calcium and magnesium ions. They are formed only after leaving through the carbonate compound. I would like to ask the chlorine in tap water will vary tea scale and leave, then do not, then the next question learn chemistry better students will understand. Perhaps it can really save money, and unfortunately is not with the tea scale chlorine and leave, while chlorine is carcinogenic number one killer. Relevant national regulations on the content of residual chlorine in tap water strictly controlled.

   Well, we eat bitter bitter, leading to human, you will not buy a water purifier. If you do not water purifier, those harmful substances into our bodies, we will not look dead. Man, woman thing, to be able to, will want to live. If after these harmful substances into our bodies, we will become a powerful body of water purifier, the liver, the kidneys to filter.

   us a few years later, the money, get a gallstones, cirrhosis of the liver, diseases like cancer, we are not afraid, we spent a few hundred thousand to replace the "filter" - change for heart transplant liver, Ye money is capricious. Water purifier is not rigid requirements?

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