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last year, "Double Twelve", AQSIQ organized 18 enterprises unify its commitment to water purification products meet or higher the relevant national and industry standards, and to disclose their product purification efficiency of heavy metals and other hazardous substances. Over the past year, more than 116 water purifier enterprises to participate in this work to make a commitment to quality to consumers, accept the supervision of law enforcement and the community.


capable of removing more than 90% lead, 67% chromium, 83% of cadmium ...... these serious numbers, the quality of water purifier business is the core commitments, but also to measure water purification products and qualified No fixed target.






"long-term exposure or excessive intake of heavy metals, cause harm to humans." National Quality Inspection Center experts household appliances, such as arsenic may induce cancer, cadmium can cause inflammation and edema, mercury has a corrosive effect on the organization, so the commitment to quality starts with these indicators, encourage enterprises to implement the main responsibility for quality, and promote the healthy development of water purification industry.


"promised business will accept strict inspections, non-compliance will be removed from the list."


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