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   "There is no national health well-off," as time goes by, more and more words have weight. After the end of the nineteenth Party Congress, healthy, green, environmental protection, air, water, etc. have become a network of hot words, the people of the discussion is also high. As an important part of environmental health industry, the current water purification industry embarked on a path of rapid development.


   Experts predict that by 2020 the water industry will step into the ranks of 100 billion industry. Broad prospects for development of the water industry is undeniable, but the water purifier enterprise, water purification agents, dealers, distributors, the broad prospects also means more challenges. Quitting brave victory, to the achievements in the water industrys dominance, grasp the development of the industry, to seize the outlet industry, changes in marketing ideas is essential!


- M "sharing economy" marketing model successfully detonated sales market

   Dec. 20-21 - M original "on sales of 351 new retail sharing", was held in China Kang industrial Park partners from across the country attended the meeting, with China Mr. Kang Zhu Jianhua, general manager of the group, led by lecturer group, sharing new marketing ideas, models and methods, help us to open new market channels for sales, profitability breakthrough improvement.

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   The meeting was chaired by Ms Husu Fen Kang, general manager of China Guangxi Branch, Ms Wu for everyones arrival a warm welcome and thanks. Subsequently, Hu introduced the Road: The meeting focused on "sharing economy" and "innovation model", "focus resources", "market landing", "policy support" This five areas expand, to explore the water purifier market share wealth a new method!

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   Mr. Pang Hegeng technical Director - M - M brand from a comprehensive exposition of brand superiority, product features, business models, development planning. - M as a set of water purification equipment development, design, production, sales and service of high-tech, diversified, large-scale integrated environmental protection enterprises in Hong Kong, focus on providing a safe and healthy drinking water equipment for the Chinese family households, determined to be caused "Hua Kang water purifier" playing a well-known brand.

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   his speech, Mr. Kang Zhu Jianhua, general manager of China Group, said: "One industry can not develop, look at trend; a company can not make money, see mode." - Ms first "Sharing economy "new marketing model, to break the plight of the traditional sales model, and easy to learn, easy to operate, can be copied, fissile, helps partners to further integrate resources to develop new markets, upgrade shop business model, optimize product marketing strategy, the depth of excavation local water purifier market potential

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   Premier Zhu in the "Hua Kang water purifiers business model of sharing economy" on the topic pointed out: competition is the water purification industry competition pattern, market, resources, services now. - M share the economic pattern formation "factory Distribution - franchisees drop-off - free consumers - consumers to share - manufacturers franchisee surplus" new ecosystem structure, the franchisee can easily monthly sales of 300 units, an annual income of more than 1 million!

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   from innovative products to ecological wisdom, from business model to service ecology, Hua Kang innovative business models, systems, and healthy living blueprint for the future become the focus of attention of the participants. - M technical Director Pang Hegeng Mr. Kang Hua live demonstration of CRM system, so that we share with China Kang economic model and its powerful CRM system to support confidence.

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   the next day, Premier Zhu conduct "- M Share economy + landing mode "on the topic, from dealers construction team, project landing, marketing, business development, customer visits, conduct a comprehensive after-sales service and so forth, at the same time the market for the floor to explain the model and drill-site practical operation, let honored guests a deeper understanding of new marketing model - M, master landing method

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   in order to inspire confidence in everyone digging water purifier wealth, Premier Zhu encouraged everyone:

   [123 ] first, to throw "shopkeeper" do "peddler" hard cumulative market;

   second, in order to share ideas, to jointly promote the development of regional markets;

   third, focus resources , integration and optimization;

   fourth, improve service, make marketing easy and effective;

   fifth, there must be able to endure a lonely heart, holding on the market future firm confidence, perseverance stick with it.

   in interactive sessions for guests are most concerned about "security support funds, after-sales issues, regional protection, the company, the market fall, profits and other issues" - M all business manager give you detailed answers one on one, and gave us a detailed explanation of the "2017- M policy of support "to inspire everyone to develop water purifier market confidence, won an enthusiastic response. During the

鍗庡皵搴? src= will break, the guests to the venue - M Products visit, Kang Hua things purifier, home water purifier, commercial water purification, ultrafiltration water purifiers series looks good, skilled, excellent water purification effect, energy saving effect is remarkable, by all the praise thumbs up.

鍗庡皵搴? src= "- M join hands in creating a better future."


   - M-known as a high-end water purifier brand, has always been committed to providing consumers with higher quality and more practical of water purification products and services that allow people to enjoy a healthy life water. The future, China is willing to work every Kang water purification industry have dedicated partners to jointly develop the market, win new wealth water purification, water purification industry jointly write a new chapter!

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