7 pilot provinces and cities to carry out ecological damageo

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   November 2015, the Central Office of the State Council issued the "ecological environment damages reform pilot program system" (hereinafter referred to as "pilot program"). To further implement the "pilot program", August 30, 2016, the Central Leading Group for deepening the reform comprehensively the twenty-seventh meeting examined and adopted the "Report on pilot ecological damage compensation system reform in some provinces." The meeting agreed to carry out the pilot reform of ecological damage compensation system in Jilin, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hunan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan provinces and 7.


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7 pilot provinces and cities need real ecological damage compensation system reform (Photo from Internet)

   improve the system of ecological civilization construction

   [ 123] our current personal and property damages relatively complete legal system, but in the public ecological damage compensation system environment, there is now the main claims is not clear, assessment specification does not sound fund management mechanism is not established, and many other issues. For example, the Bohai Bay oil spill, the Songhua River water pollution, soil pollution Changzhou Foreign Language School events, public ecological damage to the environment has not been full compensation, damaged the ecological environment has not been repaired in time. The partys 18 and the eighth session of the Third and Fourth Plenary Session, not only to make the construction of ecological civilization, the top-level design and overall plan, and damages the environment as an important part of the construction of ecological civilization institutional system, implement the most stringent requirements compensation system damage, damage to the environment into economic and social development of the evaluation system. "CPC Central Committee and State Council on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization opinion" further proposed the establishment of an independent and impartial ecological damage assessment system, accelerate the formation of ecological damage compensations, payment of beneficiaries, the protector of the operating mechanism to get reasonable compensation, the formation of the source of prevention, process control, damages, accountability of the institutional system.

   The reforms ecological damage compensation system is sound ecological damage compensation system, the illegal enterprises should bear the liability, the damage to the ecological environment has been timely repair, crack "corporate pollution, mass victimization the government foot the bill, "the unreasonable situation. Jilin 7 provinces and cities on the basis of "pilot program", combined with the practical work of local ecological environment were developed for damages system reform implementation plan that specifies the responsible department or agency, refine the scope to further clarify the consultation systemSpecific measures degree of procedural rules, damage appraisal and evaluation, financial management, execution and supervision. 7 pilot provinces and cities will provide practical experience in 2018 launched a nationwide ecological damages and work-related legislation.

   carefully selected pilot local

   April 2016, the State Council approved the authorization to carry out the pilot reform of ecological damage compensation system in Jilin, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hunan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan provinces and 7, pilot provincial and municipal governments as the administrative area of 鈥嬧€媏nvironment damages human rights. Select the pilot places on both the eastern Midwest regional, considering the stage of economic development, on the Disparity of ecological environment quality, seven provinces and municipalities to carry out the pilot reform has strong representation, will form a national ecological damage compensation system provide reproducible system reserves.

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