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   [Chinese] Although the water purifier net twenty-first century has been dominated by the Internet, but the characteristics of the water purifier makes semi-finished products store sales terminal still has a pivotal position. Terminal is an important link between the product and the consumer, the quality of the terminal building play a crucial role in modern marketing water purifier. The terminal stores, the sales impact of products on display are extremely important aspect. So in order to make the water purifier sales, you have to start from a good end product display.


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   is the best point of sale terminal stage brand, product, corporate image display, and is It reflects the strength of enterprises. The so-called "display" refers to the scientific and rational layout put the overall image of the store merchandise. Market competition and development, so that we become more and more demands on the display of the practical. For example, on the stand, the prototype is complete, POP exquisite beauty; the main push models to demonstrate the best placed in the state of consumers most likely to see and accept the position; the entire booth include the prototype clean, tidy, various wiring is not exposed; Poster , POP is not placed in the most conspicuous place, to show the products are not placed too scientific and rational, easy to arouse attention, exposure to light is on.

   at the top or on the front of the counter, hanging with the image of a unified, beautiful and clean theme of promotional posters or banners, and so on. In this way, customers came in, they will naturally feel a kind of beauty to enjoy. Even if he was to stay for a minute, it Duoliaoyifen the opportunity to deal; a lively because of the treatment of the goods on display within the range of point of sale, POP layout, atmosphere and so on, with, the customer is carried out a visual stimulus, thus contributing to the customers buying decision.

   Therefore, a good product display, not only can enhance the beauty of the store, to make up for lack of size, but also to enhance our brand image, enhance instant sales will play a very significant role. Terminal work actually includes many aspects, mainly goods on display, such as corporate profiles, patent proof, showcase location, showcase the image of the prototype on display, product leaflets, promotional gifts, real machine demonstration, honorary certificates, posters, POP, X-Chin, roll up, hanging flags and so on.

   No matter how the industry changes, terminal sales promotion is any enterprise or a brand must do, and as a water purifier agents finalEnd sales directly determines how much profit, the terminal is a natural promotion always endless talk about the topic; in other words, only the good end markets, can really be assigned to the cup "share" their own ; dig "gold" water industry began marketing from the good end.

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