Water purifier can be used in this way to save money worry

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   With economic development, health, drinking water has become a general trend, people are increasingly concerned about health, not just water pollution, while the emergence of various diseases, and even some cancers have become younger and younger, which led to widespread concern. Water purifier is the most effective way to solve the safety of drinking water, it is not only safe remove harmful substances in water, health care, and convenient, urban life has become artifact. Although the popularity of water purification is relatively low in the country, far less than the United States and Europe.



   The main factor is the changing habits and awareness, which requires a process. With the development and promotion of water purifier, there are many young families have begun to recognize and accept the water purifier, and realize the importance of healthy drinking water. The future of universal water purifier is an inevitable trend.

   Second or water purifier high prices, low economic level of most people. A normal water purifier prices in 2000-5000, the purification effect is good, and most of Chinas per capita wage will be about 2000-5000, and a refrigerator, washing machine, television, air conditioning prices are pretty, but the people know and water purifiers not worth the price, do not want to spend money, boil water and bottled water is also an alternative, but also save money. In addition, the water purifier in the late stage, but also the cost for the core, which has made many people reluctant to accept one of the reasons water purifier.

   Thus, changes in the economy and raise awareness is an important reason for restricting water purifier popularity. But there are still some good economic conditions of families choose water purifier. In the long run, use a water filter actually is not expensive, not only convenient, but also health, which is another way of drinking water can not be replaced. In fact, when using a water purifier, there are some money-saving tips.

   the use of waste water: water purifier will generate a lot of waste water, we can use to mop the floor and flush toilets, water-saving, water-saving.

   protection filter: good water purifier filter protection, long life, reduce the loss, reduce the frequency of changing the filter, the same is to save money, a water purifier can be installed before the filter , filtersSome large particles sand, rust and other particles, reducing damage to the cartridge. Weekly cleaning water purifier, keep it clean filter, reducing water pollution damage to the cartridge.

   out water and electricity: to go out for some time, to water and electricity, the water inside the water purifier emptying, not residual, easy to breed bacteria.

   picked a good brand. Good Good water purifier water purifier brand quality, not easily broken, but a good filter material, different materials filter life different, PP filter cartridge needs to be replaced 3 months, 6 months and activated carbon filter needs to be replaced. Since the hollow fiber can not be cleaned, it is generally placed at the rear end PP cotton and use of activated carbon, or relatively easily clogged, using the reverse osmosis filter 1--2 years needs to be replaced. Ceramic filter generally use 10-12 months, a good ceramic filter can be used 3--5 years. So when you can choose a water purifier according to the brand.

   water purifier in the course, you also need careful care, it can work better for you, if used improperly, can lead to water purification effect is greatly reduced, but also influence the life of water purifiers, therefore, the need for appropriate use of good returns, so use water purifiers, water purification effect is not only good, but also to save money worry.

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