Xiao Bian take you reflect on 2014 water purifier market

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   in recent years with the increasing environmental pollution, creating hundreds of billions of market rapid development of the water industry and water purification, which no doubt will become Chinas last pot of gold, attracting more and more people Agent the idea of 鈥嬧€媤ater purifiers. Throughout the entire water purification industry, it has developed into a hot stage. According to the survey, in 2014 the total domestic water purifier market capacity of about 14.2 billion yuan, compared with $ 10.3 billion in 2013, an increase of 37.8%, higher than in 2013 and 22% sequentially. In 2014, total domestic shipments of household water purification products company is about 55 million.



   brand pattern: stabilization

   2014 brand pattern of the overall performance of stabilization, showing the main features and 2013 compared to the three: [ 123]

   First, the brand pattern of stabilization coming brand dropped

   2014 brand pattern showing a stabilization of the situation, the major camp of the basic shape. The first camp, the annual shipment volume reached 500 million yuan or more, the second camp is slightly lower shipment volume, market share is about 4%, respectively. Four Seasons song Mu sun rain, Hansi Dun, Qin Kang, Baokang, Pentair, Lu Quan and other brands make up a third camp, the annual shipment volume of 1 billion yuan, respectively, the market share of about 2% . It is particularly worth mentioning is that the Four Seasons song Mu since May 2014 before the official operation of the sun and rain in just eight months, the industry begins to scratch quickly into the third camp. Chuen, Pentair, Ainikesi brands make up a fourth camp, the annual shipment volume of 5,000 million yuan, respectively, the market share of about 1%.

   influenced by the pattern of stabilization in the industry, compared to 2013, Haier, Aiwo, Tupperware, Gree, Four Seasons song Mu sun rain, Mizuno Korea, and other Unilever brands flocking, 2014 in the brand new entrants to be much less, only MACRO, green is the source, and a small part of the brand into the line. Industry reshuffle, increasingly thin profit increased marketing costs and other factors are the biggest obstacles to opportunism into the water industry.

   Second, the rise of celebrity endorsements to promote efforts to increase

   While celebrity endorsements water purifier in the water industry is not new, but in 2014 ushered in a wave of celebrity endorsements small peak: Sun Li endorsement Unilever, Fan Bingbing endorsement Angel, Pu Xi endorsement keep clean water sources, Huang Lei endorsement ho Chak Ng Man Tat Quan endorsementLu, Zhu Shimao endorsement net of the spring, Kent Cheng endorsement Mai, Wang Yan speak well blue and so on. From celebrity endorsements level can be seen in the mainstream brand endorsement on your star choice be divided into 369 and so on, and the corresponding costs are low, ranging from endorsements.

   In addition to celebrity endorsements outside, consciously increased promotional efforts to enhance the influence of water purifier brand in 2014, it is also increasing. Gree, Midea, Patio, Unilever, Angel and other brands of TVs, body, high frequency subway ads appear; the Spanish Football Federation as a partner of the sun even rain water purifier ad appeared in the Spanish Football League on the sidelines of rolling billboard so that people around the world know the sun rain water purifier.

   Third, positioning entirely foreign mostly weak

   As the water purifier products are more and more consumer awareness and acceptance of different markets consumers choose the brand is also showing a clear distinction specialty. Clear brand awareness a second-tier cities, consumers in the consumer water purifier products have been formed, often close friends mainstream foreign brands; four-tier cities, relatively speaking there is no clear brand awareness, often guided by the influence of the seller the relative price advantage of popular domestic brands.

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