The era of clean water, polyethylene potential win-win situa

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  The era of clean water, polyethylene potential win-win situation, in 2019 still charm the country are invited to join the agents! Time: at 23:16 on April 10, 2019 Hits: 36

era of clean water, polyethylene potential win-win


charm is still invited to join the agents


journey to wealth approximately.

   // investment of meaning and purpose //


In order to improve water quality, protection of human health drinking water, still charm has always "fresh water plant will move into one thousand million, let people enjoy a safe distance, clean water and healthy "business vision, cultivate outstanding agents, in order to better serve the market and serve the vast number of consumers.







In order to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship, for interested parties to provide more opportunities to display their fists, this investment charm still take " short acting training mode ", yuan into, you can join by region, acting as agent, the headquarters will provide free information resources, rapid growth while fully explore the market.



   // charm still nine investment support //



In order to allow more rapid profit-coming agents, ensure entrepreneurs to join the worry, still the headquarters of charm nine policy to provide support for you! Build a solid backing, help dealers to shop easily and efficiently earnings. .



   1 brand support:

   high-quality products is the fundamental sales, charm yet to advance the research and development concepts, professional design team to create a first-class product. Invite celebrity endorsements, charity participation, implementation of sound brand strategy, escort agency product sales. .

   2 regional ad serving:

   charm yet signed a contract high-speed rail advertising, covers the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and other multi-site display, synchronized start TV, websites, and other media aspects of three-dimensional information, covering hundreds of millions of people.



   3 Marketing support:

   Opening promotional offers, promotional materials provided free, open-industry alliance led to the development of the county township distribution network, the Internet of Things mode 20 kinds of innovative marketing model, and providesProfessional market, technical guidance, deep industry experience to help agents better business sales.

   4 regional protection support:

   for the protection of agents joined the interests of dealers, especially set strict regional protection policies. Online and track parallel line publicity, product differentiation operation, commitment does not conflict prices, strong guarantee the interests of dealers under the line. .

   5 business support:

   headquarters promised free delivery business group to assist in large-scale project contract negotiations, help Agent business broaden the market, improve market competitiveness.



   6 prototype support:

   to open the line stores, stationed Suning Appliance monopoly market, the company invested manpower, material support, providing water purifier prototype and demonstration equipment, good offline experience.

   7 online support:

   started Jingdong Mall, Alibaba and other online channels, uniform price, to ensure that the brand value, protect the agents profit.

   8 training support:

   product technology, installation, maintenance, training, marketing methods, marketing training. Professional and technical support, answers to your questions, provide marketing agency, operation, sale and installation and maintenance of all guidance. Agents and dealers to help improve the management level, and enhance the combat capability of the team as a whole

   9 reward support: join under

   million, free training, gave decoration, design , opening up a business gift, headquarters of a unified set up high rebate policy, take concrete actions to support extension agents business profit.

   // Groups strength to witness: //



   charm still adhere to independent innovation in water purification technology, focus on the development of cutting-edge technology of water purification, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis two core technologies, comprehensive, multidisciplinary, high efficiency to solve the drinking water problems. To obtain a solid majority of consumers trust, quickly established an excellent reputation in the country, won the "Chinas top ten water purifier brand""315 brand integrity," the honor.




professional, efficient, quality, innovation is still a byword charm. Create market differentiation, and strengthen the competitiveness of the industry, charm and diverse yet started marketing model, breaking the bottleneck of traditional marketing. Hengda Real Estate, Pacific Insurance, Ping An of China and other well-known brands to become long-term partners, cross-industry alliance, vigorously promote sales peak rush.





product of after-sales service has been the subject of close attention to the user. Quality of service is good or bad determines whether a company has a stable customer base, the ability to form strategic partnerships with our customers form their own brand core competitiveness.


Seven gold charm still perform service standards, commitment to one year warranty, lifetime warranty, the establishment of more than twelve thousand after-sales outlets throughout the villages and towns throughout the country. Leading industry service upgrades.


charm still water purifier excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service has been peer imitated object. At present, the charm is still distribution network and has stores throughout Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi, Anhui, Hebei and other parts of the country, access to many investors and users of the pro-Lai.




water purifier market has great potential, many investors are "saber-rattling", seize the opportunity to create wealth, to grasp the outlet opportunity imminent. 2019 Charm is still the country are invited to join the agency, would like to know more charm still water purifier joining fee and policy information, direct message, or contact us! Why not join the charm is still, to start creating more wealth career! Under a housewarming Sun Hey


   MAXSOME charm still, dream of horses, live Shaohua:: New SHOW

   charm is still wise 100 RO drink straight US imports RO membrane



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