Spring Festival appliances consumer data gratifying 46 marke

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   According to the Ministry of Commerce to monitor during the Spring Festival, the countrys retail and catering enterprises to achieve sales of about 1.005 trillion yuan, of which home appliances Spring Festival incremental sales gratifying, showing a good momentum of high-end smart appliances, 46 markets surge in demand features.


   "the purchase of new subsidies" to boost sales of high-end smart appliances

   January 29, Development and Reform Commission and other 10 departments jointly promote consumption dishing out 24 New Deal , which proposed "conditional place to sell old electrical appliances for consumers to buy new appliances and appropriate subsidies to promote high-quality new product sales." The industry is considered to be a new round of "the purchase of new subsidies" or "trade-in allowance", called "Spring Package" household appliance market obtained.

   February 1st, Beijing first to start a new round of three-year energy conservation policies to promote consumption, meet the requirements of consumers to buy the use of television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, water heaters, etc. 15 energy conservation class single piece of merchandise to give up to 800 yuan subsidy funds. From Beijing appliance stores feedback of view, energy subsidies have been widely known for enhanced consumer confidence, boost sales and marketing role becomes increasingly obvious.

   Suning Tesco Ciyunsi bridge shop deputy manager Wang tide, said during the Spring Festival, a day to shop customers are more than a hundred people, more than half are directed at the purchase of green, intelligent home appliances to of. 4K smart TV, air-cooled frost-free refrigerator, dry cleaning machine, intelligent locks, intelligent electric drying racks and other product sales momentum is good. By popularity more prosperous and upgrading of product structure and other factors, led the Chinese New Year holiday store sales compared to the same period last year an increase of approximately 5-10%.

   high-end, intelligent home appliances is also more favored by consumers in the United States. From the information the United States great feedback data point of view, during the Spring Festival, the high-end products accounted for 63% share of the overall category of refrigerators; multi-door, off, three high-end products is also significant incremental, Casa Imperial, Samsung, Siemens and other brands high-end products accounted for more than 90% share of sales. With the health needs of consumers yearning for life, health-based air-cooled frost-free refrigerator has become the first choice of consumers before the Spring Festival refrigerator category sales ranking of all 20 models of air-cooled frost-free products. Washing machine connection, Washing automatic washing machine, fully automatic washing machine drum is still preferred to buy the minds of consumers, occupies the entire washing machine category 72% share of sales. Color TV55-inch big screen TV and more intelligent, surface / OLED TV and the biggest increase, up more than 226 percent upgrade.

   Jingdong Spring Festival consumption data also gratifying, It is understood that during the Spring Festival Jingdong sales compared to last year, an increase of 42.74%. Among them, the sales ranking Top5 category: mobile communications, office computers, household appliances, clothing footwear and home furnishings home improvement.

   more and more consumers are interested in easy choice, easy to use smart appliances, it also gives those people in the industry once thought of home appliances market growth bottlenecks of a shot in the arm, with intelligent upgrade to a new growth point, and perhaps the entire appliance industry will also help usher in a new round of development.

   46 markets consumer demand surge

   Jingdong data show that during the Spring Festival, the consumer line from the low level of the city reflects the strong growth potential, with 4-wire and six-tier cities the highest consumption growth, with sales up more than 60%.

   "Suning retail cloud data show that consumer demand for home appliances county the following markets soared." Su Ning, deputy general manager of retail cloud platform Huai Li said, the data showed January retail cloud, color TV categorys overall sales are up 51.5%, of which 80-inch and larger TV increased by 91.87%. Since January, the electric toothbrush sales growth of 287.5%, corresponding is head of the toothbrush sales growth 707.5%. Smart watches, smart bracelet sales growth is also very significant, "intelligent" has become a holiday towns of rural residents more trendy choice.

   In this regard, the relevant industry analysis, said, on the one hand, young people in the city working hard to return home New Year, the ability to effectively promote consumer home; on the other hand, the electricity supplier channels so that more and sink many rural users can also enjoy the convenience of electricity supplier services anytime and anywhere during the holidays. Compared to a second-tier cities large appliances become saturated, rural household appliance market consumers just need more obvious large, some small appliances, they are popular is taken for granted. At the same time, household appliances towards more energy-efficient technology and intelligent direction of product sales for the entire rural household appliance market, this is a benign performance.

   (Source: Pan-home network, invasion deleted)

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