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  Why do I need a home water purifier filter changed regularly? What harm will not be replaced? http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 09:45 on May 29 Source: Quick News T


   HC purification network many people at home is to buy a water purifier can drink healthier water , but get little to replace the filter is not able to understand: why can not water purifier "a machine Yong Yi" good drinking water, but also need to spend time and money to replace the filter?

   This is because there is a water filter cartridge service life, filter water purifier as a core component, continue to consume its own to achieve the purifying effect, only constantly changing, in order to ensure filtered water is safe, and healthy. Imagine if the filter is saturated expired, can not filter impurities in the water, then into the water you drink will be filtered by your stomach, liver, kidney and so on. Of course not jeopardize the timely replacement of the filter can produce more than that.



   water filter cartridge is a consumable item, if not promptly after the expiration of the service life of the replacement, not only purifying effect will be greatly reduced, but also cause secondary pollution on water quality . Long-term accumulation in the filter surface impurities, is likely to have entered the water pollution, so that the water purifier filter tap water not as clean. One can imagine, even with a water purifier, but still drinking dirty water, healthy drinking water is not guaranteed not that also endanger their health!

   So how to judge water purifier cartridge has expired it? In fact, many smart water purifier cartridge has expired alerts, but some occasionally when there are failures, do not panic this time, when found in home water purification water decreases, water speed increases, significant deterioration of taste when it the need to replace the filter. Because when these conditions occur, a water purifier filter clogging is likely to occur, or damage to, the impurities in the water can not completely bacteria filtered out.

   water purifier appliances and wading early "retirement"

   Most water purifiers are progressively filtered, when the first stage of its life lost purification filter, then the first water a filtering impurities are brought under a filter, and so on, and finally reaches the end of the cartridge. These unfiltered clean water will reach all kinds of wading along the water appliances, water purifier purifying effect not only affected the life and the life of wading water purifier appliances will also be affected.To do this we need to remember to use this filter at all levels of replacement time, or as long as the filter is not replaced at any level, as well as wading appliances will be affected throughout the water purifier.

   maintenance costs amazing

   If immediate cheap replacement of the filter is not timely, it will cause water purifier running slow, the other parts will be affected accordingly, from time to time failure, maintenance costs will much higher than the cost of replacement cartridges, plus a wading maintenance of appliances, a doing, it is not worth the sum of accounts!

   After reading a lot of these people is likely to say that they have time to replace the filter of consciousness, but water purifier filter replacement in addition to depend on local water quality and the use of the filter itself based on the life of the vast majority of frequency, it is difficult to judge accurately. Based on this situation, I suggest that you buy a water purifier, choose a water purifier filter replacement reminder, because filter replacement is really very important for the water purifier is!


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