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  US special Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology research and development, production, marketing, as one of the professional water treatment company. Over the years the company by virtue of advanced technology, rich products, excellent quality, sincere service and reputation at home and abroad. Companies adhering to science and technology leading to people-centered development rules, will continue to introduce the worlds advanced technology products to consumers, leading consumers to enjoy high-tech fashion a new life.

   US special Jia on Beijing and Shanghai Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. US special Jia Department of Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. US special group Hay (Hay US special Industrial Co., Ltd. or subsidiary, responsible for the Groups flagship brands US special good, Sin of the net, Han Tesi, such as water purifier brand marketing, operations and after-sales service, with household water purification industry in the domestic first-class R & D team, modern laboratory advanced production equipment and skilled workers, by industry and large-scale production and management as one of the important Chinese water appliance parts suppliers, the company manufactures and sells a variety of water purification products, including home reverse osmosis straight dispenser, commercial RO water purifier, ultrafiltration water, central water softener and industrial water treatment equipment. Series 90% or more whole machine parts such as: a reverse osmosis membrane, pumps, transformers, filter flask, filter, pressure drums and other components, are independent R & D production.

   Since its inception, in water treatment technology has been in a leading position, through the Ministry of Health wading products health security clearance, and a number of national patents. Products sold the domestic market and exported to North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong and other countries and regions. RO reverse osmosis technology products used, NASA is spending hundreds of millions of dollars, after years of efforts to develop a high-tech success. The successful introduction of the New American high-tech, so that the whole world will be millions of families as early as possible as soon as possible to drink more healthy, safe and hygienic pure water.

   Companies adhering to the "technology-oriented" an innovative concept, with increasingly sophisticated technology and strong production capacity, the first to develop into research and development, design, manufacturing as one of modern water treatment equipment manufacturing enterprises. By industrialization and large-scale production and management, it has become a domestic and international OEM / ODM currently the largest, most powerful production of drinking water solutionsManufacturers, the products are widely used in pure water, beverages, electronics, liquor brewing, food, medical, chemical and other industries.

   business advantage

   and the whole company has the most abundant production strength in Asia, in 2003 the company invested a billion dollars in Shanghai to build the countrys largest RO water machine production base. The company has the most water treatment industry-leading core technology --- RO reverse osmosis technology.

   The company has diversified products, water appliances most species, the most comprehensive spare parts. Products involved in civil domestic water, beverage, food, water, health care products and pharmaceutical water, industrial production and construction of power electronic semiconductor ultrapure water.

   company with a strong comprehensive strength, through the ISO9001: 2008 Quality System Certification, ISO14001: 2004 international environmental management system, adding WQA (Water Quality Association USA), received CE (European unity) and many other certification. Products sold nearly 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, sales network nationwide coverage over 80% nationwide, and exported to North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Domestic and foreign sales of substantial growth year after year, maintained a leading position in Chinas household drinking water industry.

   The company has a sound market management system: the implementation of the national unified price, unified authorized franchisees, and its unified corporate identity VI, CI system, unified technical support services, unified product knowledge training, so that the whole enterprise operating system standardization, modernization, simplification and specialization. High quality is the lifeline of quality, satisfaction is the source for enterprise! Companies adhere to quality first, service first, the concept of sustainable development, attaches great importance to product quality and after sales service, the company of all customer satisfaction purpose.

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