Overnight drinking water diarrhea, stomach ache

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   our older people often tell us overnight water can not drink, drink water overnight diarrhea, stomach pain, then that really the case? The following Xiaobian a look at it.




Water is a human life, an important and indispensable substances, people can get along without food but can not get water, but not all of the water is drinkable, especially overnight water but can not drink, why not drink water overnight it? The reason is said that there are a large number of bacteria drinking water overnight diarrhea, stomach ache, diarrhea overnight water is really good for you? lets figure it out together.


School of Public Health Nutrition and Food Hygiene Department, Southeast University, Sun Guiju explanation, whether it is water or fresh water overnight contain these chemicals, these substances do not cause diarrhea. Emergence of a stomach ache, may be placed in boiled water in the process, open the lid so that water exposed to air, bacterial contamination, whether overnight with nothing to do. So the overnight water is drinkable, there will be no other harm, in fact, among the nitrite content in water is scarce and often oxidized to nitrate, so this argument unfounded.


In fact, some people drink water overnight diarrhea because the water did not close the lid release after the cold, allowing water and air to generate direct contact with the bacteria, thereby causing gastrointestinal discomfort caused by diarrhea, with water overnight it does not matter.


a lot of people at home have a cooler filled with water bottles, inside of cold boiled water to drink at any time. However, this convenience may bring health risks. If you did not finish that day, it must be drained.


This is because, in a long set of the nitrogen-containing organic water will continue to be broken down into nitrite, at the same time, it is inevitable that the microorganisms involved to accelerate the decomposition of organic nitrogen. Nitrite is well known to harm the body, it has a strong ability to bind to hemoglobin in vivo, impede normal blood oxygen transport function. So, the best drinking water that day.


In addition, many families used to drink bottled water, seemingly well-sealed bottled water should be drunk within three or four days. Because a long time to open bottled water, bacteria slipped in along the inlet, and the water dispenser at a negative pressure will also inevitably part of the air intake, and the bacteria and microorganisms in the air will be "ChengXuInto the room. "If you do not finish in the short term, the bacteria will be exceeded, pure water is no longer pure.

   knowledge about drinking water overnight stomach ache diarrhea

Above is Xiaobian to introduce, I believe we should have a new understanding of the water overnight, although the overnight drinking water is no harm to human body, but small series that is now so easy to boil water, or try to drink less or not drink water overnight, usually understand more about family drinking Tips for healthy drinking water and our families to be helpful




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