What is hard water- Wt are the implicions of rd wervon thbod

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   A lot of people should have heard the word excellent water, but not very in-depth understanding of this word. So, what is hard water? What are the implications of hard water have on our health? Together with the small series to find out.




What is hard water? What are the implications of hard water have on the body? (Photo from Internet)

   What is hard water?

   Hard water refers to water containing more soluble calcium and magnesium compounds. The hardness of the World Health Organization (WHO) defined, depending on the water content of calcium and magnesium ions in the number 1L of water, hardness of less than 120mg / L of soft water exceeds 120mg / L of hard water.

   hard water on human health affect it?

   hard water will give us the daily life and physical health have a great impact.

   According to 涓滃寳鏂伴椈缃?reports, if the use of hard water washing, need to add a lot of water softener; if hard water is used to clean, prone to scale ware; if you use hard water bath, dry skin tight and easy, easy to hair dull yellow; if hard water is used in the electric water heater, humidifier, electrical junction easy to scale, thereby increasing the power consumption and shorten life.

   suited to hard water occasionally drinking hard water can cause gastrointestinal disorders, the so-called "acclimatized"; with hard water tea tea will change the color, smell, taste, greatly weakened the quality of their drinking; moreover According to the "Nanfang Daily" reported that, deep well water, spring water and other "hard water" contains more minerals, drinking too much water can cause this type of kidney stones.

   However, its not that hard water only harm the human body, it was introduced, a water-soluble calcium, magnesium ion than calcium more easily absorbed by the body and so on. In addition, there are also foreign control experiments show that moderate drinking hard water hardness low incidence of cardiovascular disease in the population by 25% -30% higher than soft water drunk person.

   How to reduce water hardness?

   for people who are not suited to hard water, reduce water hardness is necessary.

   want to reduce water hardness, the easiest way is to boil. In the heating process, the calcium and magnesium ions in hard water will precipitate to form scale. Water calcium, low magnesium ion content, also reduces the water hardness. In addition, some water purifiers on the market may be hard water adsorbed calcium and magnesium ions, so as to achieve softeningThe purpose of water quality.

   The above content is related presentations on hard water, I do not know if you understand what hard water is water? Hopefully this article can help to you.

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