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   You know what kids in school drinking water do? School drinking fountains is clean? Whether straight drinking fountains disinfection? Whether the water breeding ground for bacteria? Whether the student standards for drinking water?




妗惰姘? src=姘磋川鍥犵礌 Recently, the city announced the Suzhou school health monitoring water quality report. Next, take a look at schools with drinking water sanitation exactly how?

   examination showed that, at present, provide drinking water to the children of the school, there are four ways, bottled purified water, water purifiers, water cooler equipment, drinking water and other pipes, respectively, 373, 310 house, 93, 57. We can see from the chart, the school drinking water, the higher the proportion of bottled purified water and water purifiers share.

   The city health supervision departments at all levels of the citys 788 schools (including branch campuses) to carry out a full coverage of drinking water supervision and inspection, supervision and inspection of the above chart shown in Figure 2.

   At the same time, to understand the specific circumstances of the student drinking water, health supervision department of Suzhou drinking water hygiene 240 schools were sampling. The number of units qualified for the 192, with a pass rate of 80%. Yield of drinking water quality in each category as shown in FIG. III.

   From the look water supply, drinking water pipes and water passing equipment highest rate hundred percent; bottled purified water passing the lowest rate, only 60%. Bottled water 4 to fail! You know, most of the schools drinking water is bottled pure water. Sampling data from the statistical point of view, the main indicator for the sampling failed total number of colonies. Note that: the total number of colonies indicator is the level of water hygiene indicative target, far exceeded the total number of colonies prompted water bacterial contamination, there is a big security risk.

   The total number of colonies failed water quality Analysis

   water circulation line unreasonable, there is a circular dead;

   water retention time is too long, can not do on a regular basis to release Chen Shui; [123 ]

   Water management in place, the device does not detect the opening cleaned and disinfected.

   City health supervision department official says, with bottled water, for example, some schools have contracted out the water fountains and bottled water manufacturers, manufacturers of bottled water is sent health, but because drinking fountains are not well managed, put out after drinking water is contaminated with bacteria. For example, school weekend days no one used airThe bacteria enter the water dispenser breeding, management should also be disinfected regularly as a routine. For drinking water sampling substandard schools, health supervision departments what measures?

   1, issued a health inspection, ordered to immediately correct;

   2, water quality sampling "look back" special action on the sampling failed schools were reviewed sampling;

   [ 123] 3, sampling review still unqualified, health supervision departments to carry out school-related interviews;

   4, drinking water safety risk larger schools, health supervision department shall disabled water supply equipment, shall be given administrative penalties.

   school drinking water safety is a matter of the health of teachers and students, can not tolerate the slightest careless, this work Suzhou health supervision departments will also work closely with the education sector and work together to protect the safety of drinking water Sioux City schools.

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