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  West Lake five years to improve the transparency of 4.4 cm behind the story: Tim net water purification Views: 675 Published: 2016-6-29 11:35:46 Yesterday, the scenic West Lake World Heritage launch the fifth anniversary of the first Thanksgiving line, invited 20 have been understanding, support and care for the scenic work of public visitors, with scenic builders face to face, Dramas night West Lake. This is the West Lake landscape upgrade and visitors first night of the West Lake. Tour who have said so more beautiful West Lake. According to Tim net water purifier it is understood that the current water quality improves transparency West Lake 4.4 cm than five years ago. In 2011, the main body of water Lake Lakes annual transparency is 79.8 cm, and water transparency 2015 West Lake is 84.2 cm. Water quality overall improvement of 4.4 cm. Do not underestimate this 4.4 cm, water clarity improvement is a gradual process, which is backed by numerous ecological restoration project, the ecological water diversion project. There are a lot of efforts related to staff and pay. West Lake is changing the water every day to introduce the West Lake Qiantang 400,000 cubic meters of water, through a small South Lake, bath Hu Bay, Turtle Lake, Mao rural water regime, such as at Longbridge injection inlet 6 West, then east through the West Lake, north of 9 an outlet out of, changing the water body to achieve the lake. In addition Reply with water, Lake through large-scale recovery of submerged vegetation, reduce nutrient loading into the lake, etc. have been 13 years of continuous operation, to further improve the water quality of the West Lake, West Lake, so that has become self-purification capacity of healthy living water. In five years, the implementation of ecological projects Westlake 4.4 cm improved transparency is not an easy past five years, the West Lake ecological projects implemented in 2011 include the completion of the West Lake waters aquatic plant communities to optimize engineering, control engineering Long Hung Wang Jian 2012 2013 North Lake ecological restoration project, originally two months to change over the water north of Lake, now 22.5 days can do, submerged plants of coastal zones to form a "underwater green carpet", in 2014 to start building completed by the end of last year West Lake lifting water quality (Jiangdan) project, on the pretreated water Zaiyu Qiantang Jiangdan process, the removal rate of up to 60%, outer lake water engineering optimization. Behind every pollution control, we have hidden consequences of the efforts of environmentalists and industrial pollution, water quality in the West Lake is now slowly improving, but it is also a long and arduousprocess. Bring rapid development environment problem and needs to slow repair.

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