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   HC purification network obviously hand in holding a "golden child", but also to "gold digging" everywhere, ultimately it is "penny wise and pound-foolish." Recent five or six years China water purifier market, there are a lot of professional water purification business who start in the market, enhance consumer business tide, we did not seize the opportunity, but let those who snatch cross-border "very favorable . " Now, with the water purification industry gradually into the mature stage, dominated by a giant pattern has been formed, a large number of companies will be forced out.

   monitoring data from several agencies show Market: This year, the water purifier retail market drop, although the online market is still maintained a rising trend, but the market fell below the line as high as 50 percent, almost cut. More importantly, the same brand line price than the retail price difference of about $ 2,000 below the line, apparently line growth is also difficult to make up the decline in the doldrums line.

   This also means that, in recent years, known as the home appliance industry, water purification industry new outlet, has long been the return of industrial development and market consumption standard, must rely on the product, place, promotion, service to win customers step by step. Similarly, brand consumption trend of the market has been getting better.

   This result also led to market the brand pattern of water purifier quietly changed. Once known as the professional water purification companies Patio, Angel, 3M, etc. have been behind, on the contrary, "halfway decent" in the United States, AO Smith historical facts, Haier, nine-yang, millet and other enterprises, or one based on smart home solutions based on the economy or fans, or based on brand marketing thrust, the sudden emergence has changed the competitive landscape industry and consumer trends.

   market scrimmage

   have been rising over the past few years the water purifier consumer market in 2019 came to an end, overall growth slowed down. Although the water purifier market capacity of up to hundreds of billions but the consumer market is currently still in about 5,6 10 billion growth in the scale of how to break the bottleneck? Since

   entered in 2020, it is expected to fall in the water purifier retail market again. A quarter of the PRC data: decrease the water purifier retail sales line up 52.4%, 53.8% decline in retail sales; online retail sales volume increased by 43.5%, retail sales grew 12.1%.

   Orville cloud network data: the first four months of this year, retail sales fell at a water purifier line 45.15%, retail sales of 44.14%; online retail sales rose 28.88 percent, retail sales rose 15.19 percent.

   can be seen, although the water purifier online market to maintain a certain growth, but growth rate down compared with the past, but the market fell below the line is larger, which means that this year the water purifier market lower, down to milli no suspense. More importantly, the next one or two years water purifier market will be difficult to find space and power bounce.

   Although in recent years, hailed as the new outlet water purifier home appliance industry, attracted the participation from all companies snatch, also attracted many appliance dealers to join the distribution. This is at the same time an active market, but also exacerbated the intensity of competition in the market, from Blue Ocean to the Red Sea, then now is the low-cost sea of 鈥嬧€媌lood and flame, but just a few years time.

   One of the most obvious, is the water purifier from the original building materials and plumbing and other channels, and brand franchise stores for the home has been converted into electricity supplier online shop, home appliance chain stores, home building materials store brand under the main line area completely out of the "little weak channels of the franchise," a comprehensive change to the "big big capital affiliate channel" new channel.

   the biggest impact, low-price war is the water purifier market after another, continued. After the first shot from low-cost millet started, including the United States, Patio, Haier, nine positive and so a large number of companies, have all in aid of cheap grab market. Thus, this is the impact of those original professional water purification business of livelihood "layers of wholesale agent" model, leading to their high operating costs, unsustainable, water purifier market a large number of speculators and the weak share is swallowed.

   brand differentiation

   Although the current water purifier has been low household penetration rate in China, but the water purifier market already experienced 30 years of development. In fact, the last three or five years, the entire water purifier consumer market brand differentiation has accelerated open: the number of brands, though still up to five hundred, but "Pareto pattern" under leader in driving the full benefits, a large number of professional small net water enterprise out, only a matter of time.

   on the online market, the United States has been basically formed, millet, Patio, Haier, nine-yang leading brands pattern; the line market, the formation of A.O. Smith, United States, Patio, Angel, Haier brand as the leading pattern.

   wherein the online marketplace, in the United States, milletThe first TOP5 strong brand, market share has reached 50%; the next line market to A.O. Smith, the US-led TOP5 strong brand, market share is as high as 75%. According to the trend of consumer appliances market brand, the future either online or on the lines, three of the industry, the top five market share will continue to rise, the remaining 90% are either out of business or shrink.

   Likewise the same brand, line under the two markets has now spread online as high as $ 2,000. For example, A.O Smith online average price of 3600 yuan, but the line is as high as the average price of 5600 yuan; Midea line under 3600 yuan, while the online average price of only 1,300 yuan.

   It is this lower price difference, some of the leading brands in the snatch market share in the occasion, but also grown into the industry leader. There are some companies, you stick to the original profit model, not willing to participate in the changing market and changing consumer demand, thus missed opportunities for development.

   It is foreseeable that in the next two, three years, the water purification industry will round out the tide of corporate and brand appearance, more than 50% of the water purifier enterprises are facing out. Those who have the "small is beautiful" water purifier company are proud of the way out only two: either bigger, to do out.

   industry hardship

   for the water purification industry, the past two years of home water purifier market slowdown, already in anticipation. On the surface, is weak, weak growth in consumption, many families of the water purifier has not been established as an empty refrigerator, washing machine as rigid demand; in fact it is the product and technology updates slow iterations, has yet to find a breakthrough user needs points of interest, but through a series of vicious speculation, ignoring the user to mislead the market.

   you can see, the entire current water purification industry caught in a predicament: one side is the low penetration rate of Chinese household water purification products, currently nearly 20% of the city, but the countryside is almost empty, while the overall penetration rate of urban and rural areas should in about 10%. This is compared with 70% the proportion of European and American families, seriously low, indicating that the market prospects; this is also in recent years, many enterprises to enter the cross-border water purification industrys motivation lies.

   on the other side, it is the Chinese consumer habits conservative and varied. Over the years, many families have been accustomed to the daily drinking water for the hot water, but in recent years many water purification process to promote their products and over-exaggerated, myth, so users had no small misleading. Resulting in many users did not really establish a high-quality,Concept of healthy lifestyle and clean water. So that the development of the water purifier market presents "wave" of development.

   Although in recent years, a number of water purification companies to promote their products, leading the way of life, the end of the original purifier basis, launched drink straight, net tap and other differentiated products, but due to the use of effects and experience It did not really set up, but the pace of technological innovation and hurt the original process of water purification products.

   electrical kitchen giant last fotile Release NSP membrane chromatography purification machines original invention, in conventional RO reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration in addition, clean water from the core of the original film, the first time "selective filtering" technological achievements landed, ie filter substances such as heavy metals in water but also retains healthy minerals. It is also considered that the household electrical appliance enterprises breaking the bottleneck of the development of water purification industry first attempt.

   enterprises lost

   this year, although consumption patterns under the brand water purifier market online and offline, has been basically confirmed, the leading brand consolidation.

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