Water pollution is a fact not to lethe so-called experts Fud

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   Sohu has done a presentation on water pollution and the health status of the people, the real pictures within a picture of the topic and a string of cold numbers can only be described as shocking. Predecessors trees, descendants cool, previous digging, and their descendants can only fill the hole, and not on the fill to pay the price for the mistakes of previous pay. What is the reason to pursue the development of water pollution to such an extent?

   What are the reasons we drink as poison "?

   we can refuse best tackled at source of milk, bread and can refuse best tackled at source cooking oil, but we can refuse to air and water do not like the current human evolution to such an "advanced" stage, so little friends still want to ask:?? the future can not be pleasant to drink water

   water pollution problem for a long time, all over the world are looking for solutions. For this reason our government gradually introduced a number of laws and regulations and strongly water pollution, although the current situation is still hard to satisfactory, but we believe there is always a long stick twists and turns. While the unremitting efforts of the government, the community is also actively trying to "self-help."

   who in our drinking water was poisoned

   remedy the saying goes, we should be clear before the start self-help who is in our drinking water, "poison":? [ 123]

   First, the waste: waste disposal in many parts of the solution is to be burned or buried directly, a number of domestic waste, industrial waste, hazardous waste treatment was not impervious buried in the ground, infiltration of groundwater pollution.

   Second, the non-processing manure: large-scale livestock and poultry manure can produce about 2 billion tons per year, no pollution control measures will be directly discharged more than 90%.

   Third, the pesticide irrigation: 40 million tons of fertilizer used in my country every year, 400,000 tons of pesticides, can be absorbed by the crop fertilizers and pesticides are infiltrated groundwater. Many farmers in the consciousness of environmental protection in rural areas have not, the consequences of excessive spraying of pesticides and fertilizers is causing strike deep wells, water is increasingly difficult.

   Fourth, the over-exploitation of ground subsidence cause: a certain area ground landslides, forming a sinkhole like the news often found in newspapers, over-development in some areas, barrier damage, sewage easier to infiltrate groundwater create pollution.

   Fifth, illegal discharges of industrial wastewater: industrial pollution, illegal discharges has formed a complete "Industrial chain, "high-risk industrial wastewater pollution enterprises have been second-tier broker (waste disposal company) the name of the guise of harmless treatment while defrauding the state subsidies, while the discharge of sewage transported to remote areas through the four-tier intermediaries and workers. here I want to strongly condemn these liars have no sense of responsibility of the company, you have Xianxin guerrilla with the environmental protection department, why not think for future generations accumulate enough merit it?

   these are the problems of water pollution the root cause, we want to live, drink healthy water, you can only drink tap water, bottled water, mineral water, lets calculate the cost to live: water 4 yuan one ton (price is not the same in different regions), very cheap drinking water resources, but also because of cheap caused by tap water in many areas not directly drink; bottled mineral water about 3,000 yuan a ton, about 750 times higher water prices, this is not economical, "water" can not enter the public the ranks of common water; bottled water about 1,000 yuan a ton, is the most family source of drinking water, but bottled water is a continuous burst of colonies exceeded, water filling and other issues, the health of debatable; Jinke magnetic water purifier on the market , a $ 3,000 just regular filter replacement, a smaller cost.

   the experts also gives some solutions to seemingly more economical, such as the water boil, boil water but only remove the chlorine in the water, but could not break down pesticide residues and heavy metals and other hazardous substances; eat rice and fruit to add moisture, this approach is scientifically feasible, but would not work on the physiology, water is human nature, is a kind of physiological needs that not eating can be solved, or else direct hit saline how much more directly?

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