Thermos of boiled water can not drink how long it

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   thermos of boiled water can not put a long drink? The answer is three days.




can not drink the water overnight, but there are some people ask: a glass and drink boiled water overnight, according to you?. Following small detail to tell you about the safety of drinking water relating to small knowledge


plain water if you put three days later, it will produce nitrite after drinking can make a person dizzy, nausea and vomiting. If stored longer and that, combined with an amine, becomes nitrite, easily lead to gastric cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer. Bottled mineral water, purified water is the same as more than three days of this, bacteria multiply, not as good as tap water.


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good water affects a persons health, but also affect a persons life. In addition to the above water to avoid several deadly outside, you know what kind of water you should drink it is below the standard of health is the third largest water:?


1 no pollution. That is free of toxic, harmful, odorous substances;.


2 meet the nutritional needs of the human body. It contains the right amount of beneficial minerals, PH value is neutral or slightly alkaline;.


3 water without degradation. The water is full of vitality, can play to improve, promote, enhance the role of human physiological function.


Through the above description, you are sure of the safety of drinking water knowledge understand it. Xiao Bian remind you, to ensure the safe use of household water purifiers, all hazardous substances are removed, the specific operation to focus on stations it.




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