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   household water purifiers as advanced water treatment products, and now has been recognized by more and more people. Recently, the reporter visited the major appliance stores Lake City and water purifier sales outlets learned that, with the advent of summer, household water purifiers into the season.


   The picture shows the public is to buy a water purifier in the citys water purifier sales outlets.

   "before the renovation visited a number of families, they have a water purifier installed, and I want to buy a water purifier, that does not come mall to see if there is no suitable." This time Lake city Man Lo is being renovated new home, plan to install a water filter in the kitchen. Reporters learned that many recent home

   water purifier brand started doing promotions, there is a certain level of profit sharing. "Our water purification products currently shopping sales rose steadily, overall sales significantly over previous years." Head of a household electrical appliance Lake City mall told reporters that this year sales of household water purification products has increased significantly, and even individual brands "out of stock" phenomenon.

   It is understood that not only the home water purifier many brands, the price difference is also great, where low-cost household water purifiers typically mounted directly on the faucet, you can only remove impurities and odors in water; relatively high brand, generally from 1,000 yuan to nearly a million, and other properties of the filtration process relatively high point. "Now buy a home water purifier more and more people, for a variety of household water purifiers different functions, so the larger the price difference." Salesman explains.

   at Amway Huzhou Branch, the reporter saw many people come to consult buy water purifier. "I always want to buy a water purifier, a recent children on summer vacation, I took him up to buy, you can also teach us how to make sales using." Ms Wong told reporters the public.

   It is reported that since the spring, wedding, decoration rigid demand for the release of succession to purchase new appliances, household water purifier sales steadily rising, and water purifiers as health appliances in recent years has become a household electrical appliance market, "darling" . In addition, water purifier awareness has reached a certain height, both of which are household water purifier sales across the board gains across the board in the important "Pushing Hands." "For drinking water, in fact, no matter which season we are not missing, but in the scorching summer sun, the amount of drinking water will increase substantially. With the enhancement of health awareness and improve peoples living standards, people have drinking waterA higher demand, which created favorable conditions for selling water purification products. "Amway sales staff told reporters, for themselves and their families purchase a water purifier has become the choice of many people, which is to improve the quality of life of people is not without relevance. More and more people are concerned about their drinking water health, but also I realize that there is indeed water purifiers need for its existence. However, although the water purifier high penetration rate in foreign countries, but in the country use a water filter is only part of the family, many people still do not understand the water purifier. industry experts said that consumers in the choice of water purification products, in addition to the water treatment technology route, but also pay attention to many details, such as to see whether the product obtained international certification authority. NSF international is an internationally recognized example of wading product certification and monitoring authority, has been 70 years of history, it can remove the ability of contaminants water purifier, material safety, structural integrity, as well as water taste, odor and other comprehensive certification when choosing a water purifier, not only depends on whether certified , it depends on what standards to obtain certification. again, buy water purification products depends on whether the filter is set to update the smart reminders, whether it is technology or activated carbon membrane technology for lifetime clearly defined, extended use can not guarantee filtered water security. third, the public use of the product depends on whether sufficient security, such as water separation design, can improve product safety.

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