Water purification industry mures proxy franchisees need to

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鍑€姘村櫒琛屼笟閫愭笎鎴愮啛 浠g悊鍔犵洘鍟嗛渶瀵绘眰缁堢绐佸洿 In todays highly developed information technology, terminal resources become increasingly scarce, currently in the rapid development of domestic water purification industry, so that is hovering in the low-speed retail industry saw the light. Water purifier industry sales model has to appliances, cosmetic and other industries show a white-hot sales charm itself, snatch-store resources has become a major battleground water purifier brand competition. Todays water purification industry has matured, but the product quality, marketing and service convergence is increasingly clear, urgent need to seek a breakthrough.

   Throughout purifier manufacturers marketing model and positioning, as well as their end markets in full swing forward, water purification industry in the face of breakthrough, may wish to consider some of the following measures:

   1. hold together, palm empty terminal market channel resources to act in unison on the level of information sharing, in order to compete with generic manufacturers.

   2. Cross-region scale expansion, increasing its market coverage and channel occupancy, and thus enhance their status and the right to speak with the vendors, terminal retail cooperation. But in objective market conditions, hastily inter-regional development, as there are non-effective social relations and basic resources to support it, or to better grasp the business opportunities point, this type of operation is also very difficult to succeed.

   3. Shares water purifier manufacturer, responsible for binding benefit. This is the most recent to a common and frequent operational behavior. Many specific operating practices, but nothing less than the core and manufacturers set up stakeholder body, to achieve the best mutual trust, and then in practical cooperation, the acquisition of resources to support the largest manufacturers, their channel and front-line forces also focused on rapid product push to the terminal and to be "tipping", thereby acquiring distribution gross margin return on the product itself at the same time, and then get into the earnings of the shares.

   In fact, seeking direction to break through, we must first make channel positioning in a market, agents are always trying to franchisees will be able to successfully sign the big one, but behind these target customers already have Acting franchisee with these customers to establish a deep relationship, you think of the inevitable is not easy to break into, so you have to be specially designed to the strong. The establishment of customer intelligence, control, combat competition initiative terminals can play to the limit. To come up with their own success stories to the needs of humanity recommendation had enough to target customers.

   with real manufacturers profit responsibility tied "to deepen bilateral cooperation. Visionary agency franchisees,There should be looking for a strong research and development capabilities, and market planning ability of manufacturers to locate in real long-term cooperation, Ye Hao shares, dividends worth mentioning, tied only to enhance trust between, and develop long-term development of the law in line with the market and the current objective Status of market policies and development planning, is the real significance of cooperation lies. Under the premise of a long-term, and how to position the product, how to operate the market, how to develop plans on how to achieve step by step, the two sides work together to integrate theory with practice, both to make up for terminal manufacturers do not know sitting in the office behind closed doors, and "contain" the agent franchisee the cost of inputs on the terminal "when flowers do not spend the province when the province does not" go all out on the implementation of policies formulated. The two sides truly joint investment, joint income.

   beneficial combination of traditional distribution channels and marketing resources and electricity supplier. The development of the electricity supplier is one of the irresistible trend, the traditional agency channel as franchisee and development is being affected by this trend is not a small impact. Many agents franchisees both fear the impact of this new industry, but also curious and theres opportunities. After several years of development, although the electricity supplier to a critical stage of a survival of the fittest, but the "supply, VP, distribution," is still the three key factors in its development, the traditional vendors, the supply and distribution are its existing strengths, how these existing strengths and outstanding features electronic business platform of the perfect combination and become strong competition to follow the development of the rulers, is worth pondering agent franchisee.

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