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   March 8, 2018, the annual global technology feast - China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Show (abbreviation: AWE) was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, over 800 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises appliances, consumer electronics corporate and cross-company debut exhibition hall. As one of the worlds three major home appliance and consumer electronics show, the four-day fair, exhibition area of 鈥嬧€媜ver 130,000 square meters, exhibits include the traditional home appliances, consumer electronics, digital, communications, smart home, intelligent applications, cloud intelligence, black & , commercial appliances and other home appliances and consumer electronics industry chain product, a combination of the global appliance industry enterprises essence, provides a great platform for new products, new technologies, new communication strategy for the convergence of home appliances business, to show the audience a grand technology feast, made a great contribution to the development of the global home appliances industry.

   as a representative of health appliances, water purifier, air purifier, air system in the expo also shows smart, green, energy, health and other topics to the audience strength, as outlined in the appliance industry wisdom of life and the blueprint for a better healthy life added a splendid touch. As the two net industry outstanding enterprises, Haier, Lake, TCL, AO Smith, ho Chak, Angel, beauty, sun, rain, seasons Mu-song, a friendly net control, 3M, Mai Yue, Abbott, Pentair, wind fruit , tripod, zero micro Technology, Vantage, Huck, double-wing, Olin kitchenware, American and, on Haishi Nuo, cloud meters, Westinghouse, Cixi City Pui-linked, large natural fresh air, Gree, Guangzhou industrial Microbiology Testing Center, Pune Reiter, Hisense, Shui, Long Wei, Shanghai so deep, Sharp, Changhong, China Association for quality inspection net two industry committee member companies in the Chinese home appliance and consumer electronics fair shine, let us into the fair, feel their style.

   two net industry some exhibitors style



   Haier Group


[123 ]


   Lake electric Co., Ltd.



   TCL Group Co., Ltd.



   Smith (China) limited Water heaterSecretary


   Shanghai Ho Chak water purification Technology Development Co., Ltd.



   Shenzhen Angel drinking water industry Group Co., Ltd.


   Midea Group Co., Ltd.



   sun Yu Group Co., Ltd.



   Jiangsu Four seasons song Mu Co., Ltd.



  -friendly net control (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.



   3M China Ltd.

   [123 ]


Zhejiang Mai Yue water purification Technology Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Abbott environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

   [123 ]



Shanghai Pentair water treatment equipment Co., Ltd.



If the wind international environmental Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


Ningbo tripod Electric Co., Ltd.



Beijing zero micro Technology Co., Ltd.



Vantage Co., Ltd.

   [ 123] Hai Hake on the filter Technology Co., Ltd.

   Shanghai Forte Wing environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

   Ningbo Olin kitchen utensils Ltd.


   ZhejiangJiang Mei Da Industrial Co., Ltd.


   on Hai Shinuo Purification Technology Co.

   [ 123]


Foshan electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Yun-meter



Westinghouse electric company


   Cixi City Pui Electric Co., Ltd.



However, the new wind Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd.



Gree Electric appliances Co., Ltd.


   industrial Microbiology Testing Center of Guangzhou



Dongguan City Pu Reiter environmental Protection equipment Co., Ltd.



Hisense Group



Ningbo Tin Shui Electric Co., Ltd.


   therefore, Shanghai Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd.



Ningbo Long Wei environmental Technology Co., Ltd.





   Sichuan Changhong Electric Co.

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