-The total number of colonies- should not be used as a water

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   to detect water purifier "the total number of colonies" indicators discussed in the industry as early as June 9, 2015 too, that the index should be qualified testing to determine whether the water removed from the water purification project, because, according to " national food safety standard packaged drinking water "(GB19298-2014) provisions of the new national standard, starting from January 1, 2016, has been canceled for bottled water, bottled water" requires total number of colonies, "and molds, yeasts and other bacteria . Recently, the industry on this indicator once again discussed.


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water purifier "total number of colonies" should not be used as product quality indicators (Photo from Internet)

   science is not in place intelligence "to talk about the mere mention of bacteria "

   mention" bacteria ", most people are ill-understood, even" talk bacteria pale. " In fact, the bacteria are not so terrible, so the concept of "total number of colonies," the need to do good in the discretion.

   In fact, the bacteria containing both probiotics bacteria also comprises a neutral, while covering the harmful bacteria. Such as Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and other beneficial bacteria is, in our milk yogurt contains. Harmful bacteria such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, etc., are collectively referred to as "pathogens." Furthermore bacteria is neutral, they are not only useless but also harmful bacteria, nothing to worry about. Now we see, the water rarely beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria rarely. Another example from the air into the water neutral bacteria, both on the human body useless, harmless, will not have an adverse effect on human health.

   Western countries on the "total number of colonies" very relaxed

   Industry experts point out that in accordance with US standards, but the total number of colonies technical evaluation, not the product quality indicators.

   US drinking water, "the total number of colonies" indicators are not greater than 500 per milliliter, while China is only 100, compared with the United States too tight! If there is a production of water purifiers, water quality and other indicators are qualified, are very good, total number of colonies except water for more than two hundred, on the failure by Chinese standards, but is qualified according to US standards, but very good.

   If the total number of colonies too, is bound to excessive sterilization, and disinfection by-products are "three-induced (carcinogenic, mutagenic, induced mutation)," which is much greater harm far.

   domestic water purifier should be taken of internal control and focusDetection combined

   on how to deal with the total number of colonies of bacteria in the water as well as possible over the issue, the parties have given their views.

   "In fact, looking back, had bottled water, bottled water and water purification items are sampling failed, in large part because the total number of colonies exceeded and was fined." An industry source said, "Since bottled water (bottled water, bottled water) have been canceled this monitoring indicators, water purifier should let go, just hold several key indicators of good bacteria such as E. coli on it, no need to continue the total number of target colonies. "

   an industry expert also believes that, according to newly released" food safety law "," total number of colonies "just produce internal evaluation process of purification efficiency, rather than as a product quality index, If exceeded, the production process is necessary to strengthen the control. (Source: HC)

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