Things Haier water purifiwas named 2019 -purification Star-

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   September 21, sponsored by the China Association for Quality Inspection in 2019 the first national water industry innovation and high-quality intelligence Development Summit held in Beijing, Haier water purifier rich view of things (HRO6H85-3) with leading industry double a + certification, the wisdom of Things technology, and intelligent intimate user experience, has been recognized by the participating industry experts, associations, won the 2019 "purification Star" title.



(Haier water purifier rich view of things HRO6H85-3 won the "purification Star" title)


user demand-driven product upgrades, build Haier things purifier new experience

   Insiders pointed out that the water purification industry is developing rapidly, but there are still serious homogeneity, product quality should be improved, intelligent innovation needs to be strengthened outstanding issues. In the high quality of Chinas economic innovation and development background, intelligent, innovative training new momentum to optimize the industrial upgrading, improve product quality to meet user needs, a new direction for future water industry change.

   keeping with the times, leading the era! Haier water purifier water purifier most important things to achieve at any time, any place, things Haier water purifier can achieve interoperability human, machine, material, to provide users with the era of things whole house water purification scene experience. In order to obtain the 2019 "Star of clean water," the water purifier rich view of things, for example, no matter where the user, can be run at any time by phone APP concern state home water purifier, to achieve water quality monitoring, a key repair operations and other functions, while Bo concept can automatically detect the filter usage time to remind the user whether to replace the filter, to further ensure drinking water quality, but also provides users with a higher value experience.



(Haier clean water purifier most important things, to provide users with the era of things whole house water purification experience new scene)

   Furthermore, the physical Bo networking concept water purifier is the industrys first to obtain accurate purification of a +, a + long-term saving certified water purifier, not only the pesticides, antibiotic residues effectively purify more with far more than the national level 1 water efficiency standards, RO film 3 years free replacement of advantages for the user to create a healthy, water-saving experience provinces core.


enabling the industry to upgrade technology, to promote the development of high-quality

   as an industryLeader, Haier water purifier with the overall strength in the community, resources, ecological services, the industry is becoming promote high-quality, high-quality backbone of development. It is understood, September 17, Haier water purification and Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment, Chinese Academy of household appliances officially launched the first "Internet of Things smart water purifier standard" formulation. Starting from the standard user pain points, the traditional water purifier water purification effect is opaque, filter life is not visible, do not take the initiative to service a range of issues, define standardized. After standards, we will further improve the system of industry standards, promote the development of water purification industry mature.



(enabling industry leading technology upgrade, Haier water purification water purification industry leading 4.0 era)

   In addition, devaluation Haier water industry "3 of 3 commitment-free "service, that is," to improve the transparency of the water quality, filter life visualization, intelligent service automation, "once" 3 of promise "Haier failed to deliver clean water standards in accordance with the implementation of the initiative to provide users with" water purification effect is not visible, installation within one year free replacement machine "," overdue initiative to remind the filter, the filter is installed free of charge for three years (including RO membrane), "" tardiness in the appointment service, free installation fee within five years "and" 3-free service "to establish the integrity of the service system, for users to create consumer fairer, more transparent water purification service experience.

   In the era experience first, only the user can effectively solve the pain points, all to meet the needs of the user experience of the product can be truly based on the market, Haier water purifier rich view of things get 2019 "purification Star" title positive It is the best example. Under the guidance of "human single one" mode, Haier water purifier is accelerating the conversion of customer needs, from product iterations, standards improve, upgrade service for users to create three things the age of wisdom water purification new experience, to lead the industry into the high quality, high-quality development of a new journey

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