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  Water purifier is also a "lifetime" hurry home to see! ! ! Published: at 18:13 on August 23, 2017 Hits: 42 in life, people know to wear long clothes will be out of date, there is the shelf life of food, housing will age, will travel over the use of vehicles scrapped but for the life of the water purifier but few people know. According to a market survey data show: most consumers currently use water purification equipment are not bad as long as the product may have been used, because they feel overage waste water purifier is not as televisions, gas stove as use be dangerous, so how long can you hold on for how long attitude; there is also a small part of the consumer is being used to represent water purification products being used have some concerns because they fear that if the water purification products exceed " shelf life ", and even in the case of filter replacement in time, the water purifier cartridge experience humid environment, leaking, to a" stealing. " Water purifier "lifetime" Just how long? Seems to have few people concerned about this issue. Whether it is water purifier manufacturers, distributors or consumers, most of them have knowledge of "warranty" water purifier products, but its "use by" poorly understood. In fact, water purifier "lifetime" varies from product to product. In general, regular brand of high-quality 304 stainless steel enclosure is, this type of steel using the term in the general environment is a decade or so, and water purification filters, regular brand is made of food grade PVC material, under the urban water environment general work "lifetime" in about three years, the "use by" specific water quality but also with local judges. Filter is the core technology of the entire water purifier, water purification filter determines the quality of life, and therefore the problem must be replaced, do not let the home water purifier becomes a source of pollution. Previous: water purifier filter water softener turned out to beauty!

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