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   315 has been the past week, business and public relations who came to mind. Industry sources say that 3.15 is better next term, and a voice said, perhaps this is because consumer rights in progress, but in fact the consumer rights protection has not ended. It is understood HEA, before and after March 15, local industry and commerce, food safety have released a sampling report, which is in the most striking is the rapid growth of a market favorite new class water appliances. From product quality, process, security risks to plagiarism innovation, brand counterfeiting and other aspects of the cottage, water appliance products are faced with a big problem.


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   According to Ovid cloud network data show that in 2016 the overall size of small household appliances market grew by 8.8%, although some incremental market maturity category, but limited tension, lack of high growth point; while emerging categories such as water purifiers in the period of rapid growth, springing up, become a new growth point. As the water purifier category threshold is low, quick upgrades, rapid emergence of the new class, the pace of regulatory and market update in a backward state.

   According to industry sources, although the water purification technology was relatively low, the frequency of replacement faster than large appliances, but the process and product quality need to be more stringent, and high-end smart talk on the basis of the quality of clearance on and other words, "smart" is not a safe haven, what is truly intelligent or tasteless and odorless, it is necessary to verify the consumer experience. Many water purifier market brand, is still in rapid growth and competition, consumers have the right to choose the brand, but consumers still have to buy a specific number of water purifier brand of common sense, such as brand whether formal, whether there is a corresponding wading products this document, is not a strict quality control processes and so on ....

   due process and production is not complicated, water purifiers along with the low-tech in its rapid development, many unknown small brands skyrocketing, simple assembly in the industry, malicious plagiarism, a product can be baked, some big brands in-house staff to carry live on their own examples of R & D results are not uncommon.

   crackdown in March this year, the most intense, the fake is still nothing to fear, originally a clean environment for innovation upset, to turn a blind eye to innovation and wanton plagiarism of intellectual property is being accepted to go abroad Chinas largest manufacturing obstruct inspection, will be a huge blow to consume energy, labor, time and money for research and development of innovative technologies and product business confidencepolarity. The characteristics of the water purifier determines an innovative product of freshly baked, not many days, the phenomenon will appear in the same section of the market, some businesses big brand name in the industry under the banner of a regional branch registered trademark of cottage Stories are not uncommon. Xiao Bian just hope that the relevant policies and regulations as well as the Industry Standard can as soon as possible, to the industry to bring a hint of spring, so that the entire water industry at the time of rapid growth, but also to establish their own brands and to go abroad, so that "Made in China" to world!

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