The transformation of economic growth mode polluti reducand

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  Vice Minister of Ministry of Environmental Protection

   Zhang Lijun of the total emissions verification team before the 10th, accompanied by Vice Governor of Anhui Ni Fake, etc., of the total emissions of major pollutants in Anhui Province, construction and operation of environmental monitoring systems, heavy metal pollution prevention and control work of verification and investigation, held talks with local leaders at all levels as well as business executives, in-depth exchange of views.

   During the investigation, Zhang Lijun visited the Hefei Qingxi Road landfill, Anhui Power Plant, the water quality of Chaohu, Tangxi River recycling plant, the Lake District, the site for the Huadian Wuhu Conch company, Anqing first water and sewage treatment plant Anqing petrochemical company of environmental control facilities construction operation, and emergency response to Anqing Municipal environmental monitoring Center grassroots environmental condolences to the cadres and workers.

   verification team pollution reduction project in Anhui province in recent years, fully affirmed. Said Zhang Lijun, Anhui Province, following the "Eleventh Five-Year" pollution reduction targets over the completion of the State Council issued the "second five" good start overall progress. First, the provincial government attach great importance to strengthen the organization and leadership to implement pollution reduction responsibility; Second, local governments and relevant departments do solid work, saving effect is more apparent; third is the formation of a pollution reduction effective coordination mechanisms; fourth is a training exercise total control of the team to continue to promote the provinces pollution reduction work. The provinces emissions solid foundation data, the total amount of regulation in place, the total amount accounted for in the national forefront.

   said Zhang Lijun, the State Council attached great importance to pollution reduction work. Pollution reduction and environmental protection as an important starting point for the transformation of economic growth mode, and practice the scientific concept of development, adjusting the industrial structure closely linked. To make full use of pollution reduction binding targets Forced adjustment of industrial structure, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode. He stressed that "five" pollution reduction task heavy, tight, to thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, in order to resolve the outstanding environmental dimension of sustainable development and endangering peoples health effects, focusing on effectively reduce the total discharge of major pollutants ensure the completion of the "Twelfth five-Year" pollution reduction task. First, governments at all levels to further enhance awareness of the pollution reduction and environmental protection. Governments provincial, city and county must adhere to protection in the development, development in the protection. Second, the amount of additional emissions of major pollutants should be strictly controlled. The total pollutant control as a precondition for approval of the EIA project, innovative new projects to improve environmental protection examination and approval system, promoting local choice effective, rowLower the project. Third, we must continue to increase the stock of pollutant reduction efforts. Signed letters of responsibility in accordance with the requirements, speed up power plant, cement plant desulfurization facilities operation management and denitrification projects. Pay close attention to the implementation of denitrification tariff, and urge enterprises to increase the intensity. Strengthen motor vehicle pollution reduction, increase efforts to eliminate high-polluting vehicles. Actively promote the construction and operation of sewage treatment plants and supporting pipe network, and vigorously carry out agricultural pollution reduction, pay close attention to livestock pollution prevention and control. While ensuring emission reduction projects, and constantly deepening structural mitigation work. Fourth, we should give prominence to pollution prevention of heavy metals and hazardous chemicals, to ensure environmental safety. Fifth, we should attach great importance to the implementation of PM2.5 standard. Actively promote the construction of monitoring sites, supporting timely monitoring equipment, personnel and increased operating expenses, pay close attention to monitoring and compliance of the preparatory work.

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