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   With the ongoing activities and investment summit stores across the country, home water purifier strong pleasure turned golden nine silver ten season. With the advantages of brand awareness and market timing pleasure of home water purifier, home water purifier pleasure sales continued to rise.

   on wealth-sharing summit in Yongzhou Vinci Gordon Hotel October 7, home pleasure again flowed: the success of the 21 distributors into the local agents under the command of the scene ordered 206 units, plus the deposit payment 210,000.

姘村埌娓犳垚璐㈠瘜鍏变韩 瀹朵箰浜嬫嫑鍟嗗嘲浼氭箹鍗楁案宸炵珯鍐嶄紶鎹锋姤

   home water purifier pleasure, because of its stylish and elegant appearance, superior filter effect to attract attention at every sitting. Lays product family staff were vivid display, entity filtering machine pesticide demonstration experiment is fascinating, will push the atmosphere to a climax.

姘村埌娓犳垚璐㈠瘜鍏变韩 瀹朵箰浜嬫嫑鍟嗗嘲浼氭箹鍗楁案宸炵珯鍐嶄紶鎹锋姤

   For an entrepreneur, in addition to sales of the product itself, there are most concerned about, it is important to have a good product, can sell even more important. On this point, home joy market commandos gave everyone here a great confidence, they are in a "special ability to endure hardship, to fight, unity and discipline in particular, to dedicate" fighting spirit, has been committed to campaign for the first-line dealers family market, while manufacturers of home joy 2016 marketing policy and full support are unprecedented, like all policies and welfare are the first-line market is inclined to be really "have opened support, security services, there is propaganda advertising, sales have assurance, no sorrow. "

姘村埌娓犳垚璐㈠瘜鍏变韩 瀹朵箰浜嬫嫑鍟嗗嘲浼氭箹鍗楁案宸炵珯鍐嶄紶鎹锋姤

   After a comprehensive understanding of family pleasure of the company, product, and marketing support, coupled with the launch of the summit preferential prices, generous gift, led to ever signed on the spot, blew the audience. Site reached an 21, 206 sets of orders, collect payment, plus direct deposit 210,000 yuan, the successful meeting held Hotline:! 400-600-3188 understand the pleasure home water purifier brand details, please click on 瀹朵箰浜? width=

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