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  When choosing a water purifier that 4:00 you do not want to confirm in advance that time was a pit do not know! http: //www.js.hc360.com2019骞?at 09:15 on May 5 Source: Quick News T


   HC network for water purification water purifier, in fact, many people have been there a controversy, and some people think water purifier useless, but some people think that our water purifier is a necessity of life! In fact, it stands to reason that, now more serious environmental pollution, we pay attention to a little drinking water safety, but also perhaps a good thing! So, if youre not a life too strapped people, that installing a home water purifier is not always wrong! When choosing water purifiers, four points ahead of you to confirm the good, when they were not to pit do not know!

   1, choose water purifier according to

   In fact, the water quality is not the same everywhere, and in some industrial cities, they need to be relatively severe water pollution, so we need to choose a good point water purifier. If that is the serious heavy metal pollution, then we choose the reverse osmosis membrane filter, be sure to choose the best! Of course, maybe some light industry cities, their water pollution is relatively light, then we in the choice of water purifier, the election would not be so good, totally kind of waste! Select the water purifier according to which we choose a basic water purifier, we should not generalize!

   2, to confirm the selection of the filter element

   In fact, this is an extension of the first point, in the water purifier, but also can play an important role in what is effectively filter the water purification! We choose water purifier when the filter selection must be good. For example, what quality PP cotton, or what brand to use reverse osmosis membranes and so on! Select a good filter, we can say that choosing more than half of the water purifier!

   3, confirming the net waste than

   net waste than this thing, in fact, show that the ability of water purifier. If higher than the net waste, then the greater the effect of the water purifier, in general, than the average net waste water purification is 1: 3, that good super water purifier, waste ratio of the net before it You may reach 1: 1. So, sometimes we can also judge the quality of the water purifier through the net than waste, so do not worry about being fucked!

   4, confirm sale

   As a water purifier appliances, confirmed this saleThings are very important! Because the water purifier in the use of the process, it may be some failures, when we asked people to repair and maintenance is very troublesome, the best way is to apply for sale, so that we can save money! But some water purifier brand aftermarket done a poor job, either procrastination or sale is subject to charges and so on, in short, is not a small annoyance giving! By that time, you know, choose a good after-sales how important it is up!

   In general, the choice is not to say you want to buy a water purifier to buy right away, so they get away. Before we make a choice, we must fully consider the good some of these issues, only to do this, then we will not be until after the pit, do not lose confidence in the water purifier!


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