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   HC purification net for your family to drink high-quality water, health, many people will choose to use the net water to guard the family safe and healthy drinking water. But the face of the market a wide range of categories water purifier, water purifier a lot of "white" represents not start. Today Xiaobian Weapon for you, allowing you to avoid detours, to avoid fooled, the selection of a more suitable home water purifier products long-term use.

   The key one: Look cartridges

   water purifier filter is the most important part, would like to suggest that you must clear business consulting filter type selected in the purchase of water purifier water purifier. Looking at the market a wide range of water purifiers, water purification technology from this dimension is concerned, it is divided into UF, RO reverse osmosis and nanofiltration technology categories. Wherein, ultrafiltration water quality may be a coarse filter capable of removing large particles of sand and other impurities, but does not remove heavy metals and other hazardous substances, suitable for areas with good quality; the RO reverse osmosis filter out virtually all of the substances in water, comprising mineral elements beneficial to human body, water is almost pure water, are excessive filtration. No nutrition water, acidic and strong solubility, could easily lead to the loss of the body of the original minerals, resulting in human demineralized children, not suitable for rapid growth and development as a long-term daily drinking water; nanofiltration technology is not only effectively remove harmful water substances, but also retains minerals needed by the body to protect the safety and health of drinking water.

   Thus, a clear understanding of water purifier core technology is critical before the start, opt nanofiltration water purifier can easily drink high-quality water safety and health.

   Key II: see function

   want safe and healthy to drink safe water through water purification machines, in addition to the election of the outer appropriate water purification technology, intelligent reminder function is also essential elements. Traditional non-intelligent water purifier filter does not have expiration reminders and water quality monitoring function, the user can not accurately determine the status of the machine, often miss the best time to filter replacement, which may allow water purifier into a "water machine", not only would not achieve the ideal purifying effect, but also increases the risk of secondary pollutants enter the body. Therefore, the choice of things with the function of water purifier, filter life, water quality, ability to control his own and plainly drink good water.

   Key Three: Look energy consumption

   in addition to protectionOutside a water safe and healthy home, water purifier energy consumption is also noteworthy point. According to Xiao Bian understood that some of the water purifier market mechanisms will produce a good cup of water three glasses of wastewater, resulting in a serious waste of water resources, but also increased the cost of electricity. So, choose a more water-saving water purifier is necessary.

   key four: see service

   water purifier different from the traditional home appliances, due to its periodic filter replacement property, to service higher demand and dependence. Therefore, choose a professional, quality service water purifier brand is very important for the protection of the family in terms of water quality.

   In addition to these few key points you should consider using a home scene of factors, such as the use of space, make sure to buy a water purifier favorite.

   wisdom clean water source nanofiltration membrane water purification machines, to benefit victims of stay, allowing you to enjoy the intellectual health of the water of life

   Taken together, the small series to recommend a set of safety, health, intelligence, economy-in-one is satisfied filtered water machine - clean water source nanofiltration membrane purification machine intelligence D601. Wisdom which employs nanofiltration membranes, with "charge sentinel" technology, combined with the effect of the charge control filter pore size, technically solve the traditional water purifier "over filter" the defects, either water bacteria, viruses, organic pollutants It was the removal of heavy metals and other harmful substances, but also to retain beneficial potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals pair. Not only protect the safety of drinking water, pay more attention to healthy drinking water!



   It is also equipped with intelligent things together technology, leading by definition big screen and mobile phone APP can clearly know the TDS value out of the water purifier and filter life; remote monitoring function so even if you are away from home can be traced to a comprehensive water quality at home, make drinking water more peace of mind at ease.



   source of clean water purifier nanofiltration membrane D601 wisdom also has a low operating pressure, flux characteristics than conventional water purifier saving about 3 times; the innovative use section water control valve design, "100-1000" ten speed adjustable, flexible in accordance with the development of personalized programs drinking water quality. Its obvious advantages of water-saving, water-saving access to A + certification issued by Beijing in the CCLC, was rated as Class 1 water-saving products in water-saving nanofiltration water purification machines. 2019, in China Summit and the Fourth China water purifier brand water purifier 100 companies award activities, was named "2019 Top 10 Chinese water-saving water purification products."



   have the clean water source of water purification users first, national coverage service, respond to customer questions within 2 hours, year round call center to provide timely service to ensure that every user can enjoy high quality healthy water.

   Finally, Xiao Bian remind you again: water purification machines can not buy blindly, polish his eyes, look for the core of the key points, so that their families safe and healthy water to drink as soon as possible!


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