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   "Do you notice: the open water without water flow out of the tap is yellow?" ...... tap water pollution is already an indisputable fact. The main secondary pollution, pollution from water pollution and water supply network.

   According to the "China State of Environment 2013" shows: National mild overall surface water pollution in some cities seriously polluted river. Where: the Yellow River, Songhua River, Heilongjiang River, Huaihe River, Haihe River, Liaohe River Basin light pollution; lakes (reservoirs) contamination was 39.3%; particularly serious groundwater pollution, poor water quality and poor 59.6%. The main pollutants were total hardness, iron, manganese, total dissolved solids, "three nitrogen" (nitrite, nitrate and ammonia), sulfates, fluorides, chlorides and the like.

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   worrying drinking water sources, most of the population without access to safe and healthy drinking water

   secondary pollution:! Tap water through a huge process of galvanized pipe water supply network in because of rust, scale, corrosion and other phenomena pipe network and contamination. Tap water rust, sediment, colloids, bacteria, heavy metals, arsenic and fluorine via drinking water, food, etc. into the body, the health of pregnant women and children constitutes a great threat.

   According to World Health Organization statistics, 80% of the disease worldwide, 50% of childrens deaths worldwide are related to poor water quality. In addition, long-term drinking bad water quality can lead to a variety of diseases, tap water phthalate children of ripening agent, benzene and chlorine is the culprit leading to cancer. Since

   July 1, 2012, to enforce the new national drinking water standard GB5749-2006 "drinking water health standards" internationally accepted standards of water quality standards. However, most of the country before the new water pipeline is in the construction of drinking water health standards promulgated, these aging lines difficult to protect the drinking water quality standards to achieve.

   water pollution on human health hazards has caused great concern worldwide, and developed a series of technology and product solutions. Improve water quality solutions are: water conservation, water plant process equipment modification, water supply pipeline; the World Health Organization studies have shown that the installation of a water purifier in household water terminal, in the current and future for a long period of time, It is one of the most effective and economical solution.

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