The concept and classification of bottled water

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   bottled water is a very common drink, travel is an essential thing, so that for the peoples daily life is very important, then the concept and classification of bottled water have those?




In fact, bottled water is one of the bottle filled with water and then sterilized and processed, drink more convenient, but for many people the concept of bottled water and classification do not know, let us Xiaobian introduce small household drinking water knowledge.


bottled drinking water is packaged in a bottle, for personal use and retail. Which water may be used from any place, including spring water, well water, pure water, tap water, or even an unprocessed or contaminated water. Many countries, especially developed countries, there are national standards to regulate the quality of bottled water, primarily to ensure that water quality is safe and labels comply with the contents. But in many other developing countries rarely have these standards, or not really implement these standards.


artesian water


artesian water in artesian wells from artesian confined aquifer (a porous rock or sand formation underground, this configuration not only retains water, and subjected to the formation from above clay layer or pressure) access to water. The pressure from the aquifer layer tends to force the water flows upwardly. Artesian water must be higher than the water level of the uppermost layer of the aquifer.


Mineral Water


refers to the mineral content of total dissolved solids of at least 250 parts per million of the spring. These "dissolved solids" refers to calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other minerals, these minerals must be present in the water, rather than added later. In comparison, total dissolved solids, regular spring water is usually about 50 ppm.


Natural soda


natural mineral water comes from an artesian well or springs, wherein the natural carbonation. In the process, ingredients carbonation may be removed, and then add, but after addition of the carbonate ingredient must be the same ingredient in carbonated water.


Purified water


Purified water from the public water supply in bottled water or protected underground municipal sources. This water has passed through the "demineralization process", i.e., one or more processes employed to remove dissolved solids. If the water from the municipal water supply with chlorine as a disinfectant, the manufacturer mayWater can also be further treated to remove the chlorine.




spring protected from underground sources, from which the water flows to the surface. Springs can be collected on the ground by spring water, spring water can be collected by drilling straight through the fountain, drilling must be disinfected and protected. If the water is collected by drilling into the source, the water component of the composition must be exactly the same ground springs.




is protected well from wells directly into the unconfined aquifer extraction. By definition, the basic types of bottled water, only pure water need to be further processed after extraction from the source (or later from the municipal water supply system).


by the above description, we have the concept of a detailed understanding of bottled water, bottled water is also a keen understanding of all those classified, so always drink bottled water, okay? Occasional drink is generally not a problem if the long-term dangers of drinking for the body is great.




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