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  Focus on water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, clear spring water purifier resolve franchisees how to open the market, love Guy water purifier: Chinas consumption share of investment feast field of water purification. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (1228--.. On the 13th) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   clear mountain spring water purifier resolve franchisees how to open the market

   water industry believe the current broad market we have seen. We have reason to believe that, over time, the demand for water purifiers will be increasing. However, it can not seize the opportunity, to see how much water purifiers to join a capability. Here, clear spring will open the market to share a few experiences. [Click for more]

   love Guy water purifier: Chinas consumption share of investment feast field of water purification

   consumers are increasingly willing to buy household water purifiers, water purifiers for residents intend to invest Investors in the field of consumer devices, the quality of drinking water in todays increasingly unstable, investment in water purification industry may well be a wise move. Our company is specialized in producing research and development of household water purifier manufacturers, the products covered by UF, RO reverse osmosis, water softeners, water purification center. Involved in household, commercial two modules. Dole has always been committed to providing the best love fashion, security, science and technology of water purification products for the China millions of families, is the guardian of Chinese consumers safe drinking water, create high quality of life and make unremitting efforts [Click for more]

   Ai Mate adhere to product innovation purifier companies can be proud

   in the water purification industry early stage of development, the industry is in a state of extensive state, single industrial structure, enterprise disorderly development, product variety is simple. This disorder not only makes the water purifier business is gradually shrinking profit margins, but also prone to price competition, leading to a vicious cycle. In this case, product innovation has become a water purifier business "proud" of an important weapon. [Click for more]

   water purifier manufacturers Wanquan up: water purification industry, scientific and technological strength

   ten years, Wanquan way through the clutter of water purifiers, water purifiers running at full speed in the forefront : with innovative water purification technology, solid quality and user-friendly intelligent technology charm, Wanquan up across the landscape in the market, set a new benchmark for the smart city concept, at the same time, It Amistad, those who can afford thousands of miles spirit and attitude of the brand into the rich connotation, as consumers aggressive, brave pioneering inner strength. Today, Wanquan of water purifier manufacturers, accumulated more than 10 million consumers gain the support and trust, it is a more self-confident, relaxed attitude, Li Yong forefront water purifier market. Click [Details]

   Analytical small series: type and distinguish

   脴 film ceramic membrane water purification: the advantages, high temperature; disadvantages of high cost, the water is small, difficult to clean, filtered accuracy 0.2-0.5um, can not filter out 100% of the water of bacteria, viruses, should be regularly flushing or backwashing the filter, filter life is about 9-12 months. 脴 polysulfone: The first generation of material liters of ultrafiltration membranes, has been eliminated. Advantages: easy film formation. Disadvantages: not enough pressure, enough corrosion resistance, opening rate is not high. 脴 liter alloy film PVC: Advantages: opening rate, uniformity, large volume of water, more pressure, wear, dirt, and corrosion resistance. Thus with polysulfone (PS) of steel, polyacrylonitrile (PAN) hydrophilic, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) toughness. [Click for more]

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