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  Water purifier useful? How does this compare water quality and bottled water? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 231 Date: 2019-4-3 16:45:18 because the total number of a well-known brand of bottled water quality monitoring colonies seriously overweight media reported that many people understand the water purifier and the company began installation net water heater. But because it is a new product, there will be a lot of people a lot of questions, water purifier useful? How to buy water purifiers? How does this compare water purifiers water quality than bottled water? What brand of good water purifier? 鍑€姘村櫒鏈夌敤鍚楋紵姘磋川鍜屾《瑁呮按鐩告瘮濡備綍锛? width= water purifier work? How to buy a home water purifier? When buying water purifiers, consumers should understand clearly their needs, demand is domestic water or drinking water needs, do not be the business of each Hush confuse the concept of seed head. Domestic water purifier water purifier central water purifier, central water purifier is best carried out on the drain pipe installed in the house during the renovation. If you need to filter drinking water purifier, should not only focus on water quantity, water quality should also pay attention to the water. Should be chosen to handle chlorine, large particles of impurities, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances in the product. Secondly, different water quality, the selected product should also be different. Water more turbid areas should be considered to select coarse and fine filter purifier double protection function; if urban and rural water, the water content is usually more organic and chlorine, and heavy odors, activated carbon filters should be selected, ultrafiltration or microfiltration household water purifiers; if water pollution is more serious, must be thoroughly cleaned of viruses, bacteria, odor, color, heavy metals, pesticide residues and other impurities in the water, this time should choose a reverse osmosis water machine, only this types of water purifiers to completely filter the water quality. Bottled water purifier water quality compared to how water? We can say that bottled water has been let us drink water habits were changing, bottled water in the production process, the water will remove most of the harmful substances, provide clean bottled water for people, because it is clean and sanitary and convenient, by the majority of family love. But in recent years, the business of bottled water more and more problems, some unscrupulous businessmen for profit, direct filling did not meet health standards for drinking water quality, and using inexpensive plastic waste, garbage and scrap bucket optical disc production; barrels another drawback of water is likely to cause secondary pollution, the use of bottled water, we put water will come out, there will beThe outside world by air pollution into the bucket. Also, if no regular cleaning bucket, the bucket will be turned into a non-compliance of health, water quality natural contamination, if the opening is not drinking water within 72 hours, and then clean water will become unsanitary. In contrast, use a water filter to make people worry a lot, water purifier using POU way, can effectively isolate the secondary pollution of tap water, filtered achieve straight drink, drink how much filtering, to protect clean water health. In addition water purifier is also capable of effective filtration of bacteria in the water, chlorine, heavy metals, microorganisms, harmful chemicals and organic chemicals, but also to retain beneficial molecules in water, protect their health, which is not available in bottled water function . What makes a good water purifier? Editors Choice water purifiers top ten ranked Minggefeini water purifier Gefei Ni is a sewage treatment and water purification materials research and development as one of the internationally renowned enterprise groups, the British sophisticated aviation technology, precision manufacturing , and constantly develop innovative products, production line involves a number of areas of civil, industrial use and so on. In the field of water purification, Ge Feini low-carbon, environmentally friendly concept, in China has the largest water purification materials R & D and production base, can produce the water purifier market at the same time various core materials, including RO membrane, nanofiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, MTF, alkaline ball, as the water purifier market in the largest core material suppliers and manufacturers, Gefei Ni promoted the development of Chinas household water purifiers, made great contributions to Chinas water industry . Ge Feini household water purifiers types of products: kitchen water purifier series, series of household water, energy drink straight series, the central water softener series, pipe machine, central water purifier series, each able to meet consumer kinds of needs and functions. In Gefei Ni water purifier stores, you can buy exquisite high-end water purifiers, also can buy high-cost water purifier parity, parity uneven quality. Ge Feini not blindly cater to consumer demand, but lead consumers to choose a home water purifier.

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