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the development of water purification industry so far, large and small brands are market competition is very fierce. Dealers are complaining business is difficult, even though business is really difficult to do, but it does not mean they do not, in fact, fundamentally, it is the final link in enterprise sales profit, so for enterprises, build strong excellent sales team to continuously explore and solve problems, in order to win the market.


1. The specific guidance solutions


For sales managers, by improving the ability to guide each salesperson is very important, so people understand the different abilities and skills deviations become critical. Ability to sell the missing person is not the same, but the water purifier training and coaching mostly unified carried out, often with little success. Experienced sales managers will be able to immediately determine the problem of sales staff is in place, what kind of help and guidance needed. For example, a salesperson plenty of sales opportunities are stuck on top of this stage see, once their participation to this big list inside, managers need to intervene early with him to meet with high-level, to help him carry out successfully the list to the next stage. Others have found that sales opportunities far enough to support his performance objectives, this person has to find new customers may lack the motivation or skills. Managers should now targeted training and guidance in this part of the capabilities and help sales of individual sales plans, including time requirements and performance requirements. .


2 copies of the sales system can be formed in


Many companies sell different capacity levels, the majority of present Pareto rule: 80% from 20% of the performance of sales. If you have a system, capable of remaining 80% of the level of sales personnel increased by 20%, 30%, it will bring very substantial improvement throughout the companys sales performance. Water purifier company must first sort out the basis for the sales process stages, and then to identify some specific steps to complete each stage of the process, followed by a clear sales staff to complete these things need sales skills and sales tools need to provide, you need to set a final sets of checks to ensure the completion of each stage of the process. To their entire business process of the formation of a sales system, you can copy sales modeType, after each new entry, according to the body copy or imitate according to practice a few times, then the couple will soon be familiar with the companys sales process, which requires each project phase through it, and the rate of new orders earnings will certainly not have too large deviations.


3. avoid the loss of sales at a flow


to project Selling based enterprises that longer sales cycle, the flow is difficult to avoid the sales staff. Marketing system can help new employees to the companys customers to link up, to avoid the loss of the company. When staff leave, the manager or colleague can take over with the original sales staff one by one to check the progress of its core projects and sales system which, if it is able to cope with CRM systems can help companies better maintain customer assets or new projects is not lost.


Finally, whether online or online under, water purifier business to be successful winning market, we should manage the sales team into a position of strategic planning, the only way to get success, accounting more market share.

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