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  Those world-famous author of a sewage treatment plant: Tim net water purification Views: 864 Published: 2016-3-31 15:16:54 our county a sewage treatment plant sewage treatment rate to reach more than 85% after 2020, and urban sewage treatment rate to reach 90%, which is a requirement, "thirteen five" plan recently released proposed, which for our wastewater treatment technology and management is a huge challenge. To achieve these requirements ,, we Thirteen Five countries in the period, the need to expand sewage treatment capacity of 40 million tons and processing capacity reached 200 million tons in 2020. At present, Chinas sewage treatment rate compared with developed countries, there is a gap, and the processing load is low facilities. To enhance the sewage treatment capacity in the future we will be equipped with more sewage treatment plants. What are the world famous sewage treatment plant? Water purification agent investment Shu-tim net household water purifiers take you to a list of what had happened. First, the United States Stickney wastewater treatment plant which is the worlds largest sewage treatment plants, not one. The plant uses a conventional activated sludge process, the process reached 4,650,000 m3 / d. Stickney wastewater treatment plant influent pump station is the worlds largest underground sewage pump stations, sewage can be raised from 90 meters deep underground tunnels to the sewage treatment plant. Second, Milwaukee municipal sewage treatment plant it is Americas first large-scale activated sludge sewage treatment plant, before the plant is running, the local sewage and industrial waste water directly into rivers, serious water pollution, which has caused great resentment. Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage Treatment Plant led the successful operation of waste water treatment in many other American cities. Milwaukee urban sewage treatment plant using a grate, grit chamber, aeration, secondary settling tanks, sludge dewatering and sterilization treatment process, organic matter content of the sludge about 75%, high nitrogen content, and some of the phosphorus containing element, dehydration may be converted into fertilizer, known as the "Milwaukee organic nitrogen." Third, France Seine Aval wastewater treatment plant, Europes largest sewage treatment plant comes as Paris Seine Aval wastewater treatment plant. Paris Seine Aval wastewater treatment plant began operation in 1940, deal with the scale of 174 tons / day. SeineAround each unit Aval wastewater treatment plant had a very good green sludge treatment Ikegami planted lawn, it looks like a park. Fourth, the sewage treatment plant Steinhof Germany German technical rigor in recent years has been highlighted. Brunswick City Steinhof sewage treatment plant put into operation since, because of its successful demonstration in sustainable development, it has been seen as a resource and energy recovery success stories, and was hailed as a model of sustainable sewage treatment works . Fifth, Japan Morigasaki sewage treatment plant when it comes to Japans largest sewage treatment plant, non Tokyos Morigasaki sewage treatment plant must go. Its treatment capacity of 1.57 million m3 / d. The plant from the eastern and western part of the sewage and sludge treatment facilities in southern sludge processing complete sets of equipment constituted. After most of the water discharged into the Tokyo Bay Morigasaki sewage treatment plant, sludge is pressure-fed southern most complete sets of processing apparatus for processing sludge. The plant has four sludge digestion tank 28 meters from each other in diameter, 19.5 m high, which produces methane can produce 3 megawatts of electricity. Sixth, China Bailonggang sewage treatment plant in China, the largest sewage treatment plant in Shanghai Bailonggang sewage treatment plant, he is also Asias largest sewage treatment plant. In September 2008, Shanghai Bailonggang sewage treatment plant upgrade project officially completed and put into production, treatment capacity of 200 million m3 / d, accounting for about one third of its capacity Shanghai urban sewage treatment capacity. AAO using biological treatment process, the water quality of the national emission standards, the exhaust system into the deep water Changjiang. At the same time, sludge treatment works are under construction simultaneously, its main process is concentrated, stable anaerobic digestion, biogas dry processing. Seven Chinese Shanghai North Sewage Treatment Plant talked about Chinas first urban sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment plants is the North Shanghai. The plant was completed in 1923. Then advanced wastewater treatment plant using the activated sludge process, when the completion of the processing capacity of 3500m3 / d, comprising a group 6 aeration tank 21, vertical flow of the secondary settling tank 4, and a pumping station plant, an air compressor room. In 1989, North wastewater treatment plant sewage conveyance system fully integrated into the sewage treatment plant Quyang collection system. This sewage treatment plant built for too long, in August 21, 1990, North sewage treatment plant shut down, ending 93 years of operation career. Water purification agents to join, Tim net water purifier Networks.

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