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   filed Wu Zun, we may first impression is the "Warm Heart Daddy", "empathy husband" during his many years regardless of the stage or behind the scenes, Wu Chun intentions are put into practice the responsibility of the father and husband, he is dedicated to create high-quality family life. As the water industry professional brand, Patio water purifier has been to bring a better quality of life for the Chinese family as the fundamental mission of the enterprise, based on the same philosophy and the pursuit of life, Patio formal invitation Wuzun Cheng as Brand Ambassador .

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   2018 is the 20th anniversary of Patio Group was established. As Wu Chun dedicated to the care of the family that, over the years, focused on the development and progress Patio water purification technology, innovation, commitment to healthy drinking water is the guardian of every Chinese family, to create a quality of life; In addition, the Patio with established enterprise technology, using its own "professional" to get hundreds of domestic and foreign net water patented technology; spare no effort in innovation, efforts by companies overstating their own industry standards, promoting progress; keen public interest, the "20% of Chinese families to improve the health conditions of drinking water," the vision to carry on his shoulders, to go on.

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   Further, Patio equally committed to a full range of brand promotion, has always been "a comprehensive solution provider of drinking water" as the direction of future development of enterprises, with household water purification products, household drinking water products, commercial net / drinking water equipment and other products. 2018, Patio and more will promote strengthening upgrade the whole industry line.

   Patio that "service" is the user experience is the most integral part of, this, Patio has always adhere to improve the service system, the upgrade: 2017, based on micro-channel service Patio No, the establishment of a new set of after-sales, purchase and service members serving in one of the accepted platform. 2018 Patio will continue to optimize the service sector, to provide targeted solutions for consumer demand, continued optimization of micro-channel service platform experience, to create a closed-loop key service experience.

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   Patio 20 years focused on clean water, sparing no effort to protect the safety of drinking water users, while also working to promote healthy drinking water has become the standard for all quality of life; Wu Chun as a competent Daddy, her husband, was never absent in the childs growth, without neglecting to pay for his wife, from matter to the spirit of the comprehensive supply, but also the most intimate Wu Zun guardian of the family. Combination of the two, will also for users to create a more attentive service and better quality water purification experience, we guardSafe drinking water, "the final hurdle."

   in the future, Patio will be more firm in their "clean water mission", Wu Chun and Daddy work together for the majority of users to create a cleaner quality of life!

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