Yin and yang water harmful to the body yet

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   the hot weather we often repair cold water pour boiling water inside a drink, this is all just theory of yin and yang water, then drink water yin and yang of the body harmful? Followed by small series with a look.




Recently often recommend some dietary program yin and yang of water, then drink water yin and yang of the body harmful? In the Taoist or Chinese medicine, yin and yang water there is not the same meaning, often associated with gas. Cold water is a negative is a positive hot water, when two different kinds of water are mixed, often drinking harmful to human side effects, is not conducive to health. Therefore, regular drinking TCM does not advocate this hot and cold water are mixed, preferably by cooling to room temperature and then boiled for drinking.


water containing a variety of microbes, pathogens and a large number of bacteria, long-term drinking this water body vulnerable to bacteria, in serious cases, infected with hepatitis in the absence boil. Although mixed with water, but the bacteria in the raw water are difficult to kill. If the water is not treated, directly mixed, then this yin and yang of water to drink after our bodies are a great injury, long-term heavy drinking, will our stomach and spleen, liver functions are affected adversely.


After listening to many of my friends began to worry, that we usually take on drinking water, it is easy to flow out of the water heating process is yin and yang, it would mean that there is great harm? Xiao Bian remind you usually drink bottled water are treated, clean water directly to drink boiled water and mix into the water yin and yang, there is no documentary evidence to support drinking harmful to the body, not only through the mixed raw water treatment, only containing bacteria, fishes harmful to the body.


The following Xiaobian to introduce several common water yin and yang:


1, if it is against the cold water (boiling water), because after high-temperature sterilization process, the majority pathogenic bacteria are killed, so little effect on the human body.


2, if it is against the raw water, such as tap water, it may bring in some microbes, or pathogens, water temperature and reach sterilization effect, it may cause diarrhea and other intestinal symptoms of discomfort .


3, blended in hot water dispenser in the cold water, clean drinking fountains and bottled water quality is very important, if the water is quite good effect on the body is not great.


4, if the water is not treated,Out of the water straight from the tap and water mix, water to drink after this yin and yang to the body only harm, not through water disinfection is not only a large number of bacteria can also cause human gastrointestinal dysfunction, or even cause cholera.


household drinking water Tips: oxygen-rich water can not drink on the market, which is artificially purified water added oxygen will destroy normal dividing cells, accelerate the bodys aging. Long-term drinking pure water is not good, because the human body fluids are alkaline, while pure water was acidic, the body will base balance destruction; will increase the loss of calcium in the body, take away the body of trace elements, reduce the body of immunity.




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