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   With industrial progress and social development, water pollution has become increasingly serious, according to the World authoritative survey, in developing countries, 80% of various diseases because of drinking unsafe water and spread each year due to drinking sanitary water killed at least 20 million deaths worldwide. Increased water pollution caused great concern to the health of consumers of drinking water, but also created a huge market demand for our water purification equipment. Water purification equipment as is currently the best choice for families to safe drinking water, it is becoming the mainstream of my countrys home appliance products on the consumer market.


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urgent need to increase water purification equipment sales service specification

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   Industry Analyst states: up to 90% compared with Europe and America, Asia, up to 70% penetration rate in developed countries, Chinas water industry product penetration is only 2%, therefore, Chinas water purification equipment market contains great business opportunities, has great potential for development and space and development prospects. Data show that since 2000, water purification equipment market has expanded rapidly, the number of Chinese water purification equipment manufacturing enterprises is still 30% -40% growth per year. From 2006 to 2011, water purification equipment production increased from 10,560,000 units to 26,865,200 units in 2012 is to reach 33,205,300 units. Chinese water purification equipment sales are also rising, up from 16.27 million units in 2009 to 2011 million units in 2522, to reach 32.53 million units in 2012, an average annual growth rate remained at around 26%. 2013, my countrys water purification equipment market size of nearly 20 billion yuan. 2013--2016 years is the golden period of development of water purification equipment in my country, with an annual growth rate is expected to reach 70 percent by 2020 my countrys water purification equipment market is expected to reach 110 billion yuan.

   Thus, in attracting huge market prospects and high profits, a growing number of market operators influx of water purification equipment, water purification appliance industry has become the hottest investment projects. In addition to influential brands, the industry there are still the vast majority of small and medium enterprises, and even owned small factories. At present, my country has a domestic market of water purification equipment manufacturers, large and small, have more than 3000. Foreign brands, many domestic brands, like cottage brand, market competition is heating up.

   industry analyst pointed out: foreignWater purification equipment reason why penetration is very high, closely related to their after sales service. At present, more and more domestic enterprises noted that clean water, to maintain and expand market share, enhance competitiveness, and establish a good corporate image, have to improve and enhance the service as an important part of the overall product marketing. Therefore, the first implementation of a number of leading enterprises in technology, services, "two legs" walk strategy to further promote the standardization of the water industry service system to enable enterprises to be invincible in the fierce competition.

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